42 Compelling Words For All The Feelings You Didn’t Think You Could Explain

Dustin Adams
Dustin Adams


n. a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other would initiate something they both desire but which neither wants to begin


n. a strong desire to hold a person in your arms


n. the stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes


n. the joy of meeting or finding someone again after a long separation; rediscovery


n. a broken-heart disease that occurs whenever someone leaves you, but leaves all their things behind


n. a need to listen to music all the time


n. a fascination or obsession with words


n. beauty that is more than skin-deep


n. a nostalgic longing for something or someone that was loved and then lost, with the knowledge that it or they might never return; “the love that remains”


n. the experiences, positive or negative, that we feel most deeply, and through which we truly live


n. the fear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced


n. lit. “drift”; a spontaneous journey where the traveller leaves their life behind for a time to let the spirit of the landscape and architecture attract and move them


n. pre-fun, the sense of enjoyment felt before a party or event takes place


n. the state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning


n. a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charms, and cultivation of life’s pleasures


n. a light rain, a fine drizzle


n. things better left unsaid; matters to be passed on in silence


n. a vague feeling of sadness seemingly without any cause


n. an intense and irresistible desire for freedom


v. to wander longingly though the forest in search of mystery


adj. cozy, nice, inviting, pleasant, comfortable; connoting time spent with loved ones or togetherness after a long separation


n. a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.


v. to find healing by process of forming scars


n. when someone is taken out of their own familiar world into a new one


n. destruction of the self; “destroyed in love”


n. a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past


n. the state of having simultaneous, sometimes conflicting feelings towards something – like feeling happy and sad at the same time


n. one who believes in the eternity of the soul


adj. describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted—the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired


n. lit. “cloud walker”; one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not obey the conventions of society, literature or art


n. the impossibility of comprehending the universe; the belief that human knowledge can never have true certainty


n. something that can bring back a lost love


n. the strong urge to avoid someone or something


n. flirtatious talk that leads nowhere


n. an ache for distant places; the craving for travel


n. the feeling of shame you experience on behalf of another person or a character when they do something stupid of embarrassing


n. beautiful thinking; a well mind


adj. beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect


n. no longer feeling affection for someone you once loved


n. the phobia of losing someone you love


n. a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self.


n. an inability to describe emotions in a verbal manner TC mark

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He only wanted validation.

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