16 Guys On The One Thing They Wish Their Girlfriends Would Do More (Or Less) Of In Bed

Joel Sossa

1. “Be active. I’ve had multiple girls tell me how good they are at being on the bottom. I think sex should be fun and experimental, not just lying there like a bump on a log. Give me some indication you’re into it.” –Dave, 28

2. “Stop trying to make me profess my feelings during sex, my mind isn’t that complex and I can’t process everything I want to say.” –Sam, 24

3. “More anal is all I wish. It’s like once in a blue moon that we do it, I just wish she enjoyed it more so we could do it more.” –Damon, 30

4. “I’m not asking her to deal with every erection I get, especially morning wood, but it would be nice if she was excited by it or at least acknowledged it with a surprise BJ randomly.” –Billy, 32

5. “I don’t want to hear ‘aw’ when I can’t finish, which does happen to everyone from time to time, it pisses me off and I wish she would realize that and not pity me.” –Mark, 26

6. “I just wish she’d take control sometimes. I know she likes to be dominated, but it’s so hot when women just take control and lead the way it takes some of the pressure off us.” –Derek, 27

7. “LICK THE BALLS. Seriously, I just wish she would pay more attention to my balls. They are so sensitive and it feels so good.” –Tony, 29

8. “I wish she would let me do anal, I’ve done it before and it feels so much better and tighter. But nope, she refuses so no anal for me.” –Christopher, 24

9. “I wish she’d stop slobbering all over my dick, there is a difference between a nice lube and just being a mess, she is a mess and it’s kind of gross.” –Jimmy, 23

10. “I wish she would be more into dirty talk, not all the time, but she just doesn’t say anything. I wish she would tell me to fuck her harder every now and then, it would be such a turn on.” –Sean, 30

11. “I wish she’d give me a hand job every now and then, I’d almost prefer it over a blow job, as long as she lubes up first.” –Andy, 27

12. “I wish my girlfriend would let me watch her masturbate, it would turn me on so much and it would let me see what really gets her off.” –Mitch, 29

13. “It would be nice if she complimented me while we were having sex, instead of me constantly second guessing if I’m too rough, or too on her or if she doesn’t like something. It would just let me know she likes what I’m doing.” –Drew, 25

14. “Put my fucking balls in her mouth. Seriously, she like won’t touch them like she is scared of them or something. I don’t think she realizes how good it makes me feel.” –Dan, 33

15. “I really want her to finger my ass, it literally feels so good, but she rarely does it and I usually have to ask her too. I wish she’d just do it while were doing our thing on her own because she enjoyed it.” –Xavier, 27

16. “I wish she would be more forceful in bed and more controlling. I wish she would tell me what to do and move me, instead of me usually guiding her. I also wish she’d scratch my back when she’s on the bottom or say dirty things to let me know she’s enjoying it as much as I am.” –Phil, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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