11 Things You Learn From Growing Up With Parents Who Always Had Your Back

Growing up my parents were always on my side, as well as each others. Having their everlasting and continuing support has provided me with nothing but good examples of how to live my life and be successful in my own way. Sometimes all we need in life is a little support, which in turn goes a long way. Thank you mom and dad for always supporting me and teaching me so many things along the way.


1. Always follow my dreams.

My parents never doubted my abilities and always supported me, even when I failed. They might have reamed me out from time to time, but they only did that when it was apparent I didn’t try because they knew how much I had to offer.

2. Never give up.

If one thing support from my parents taught me it is to never give up, even when the world seems like it is pushing against you with full force. Once you give up you are defeated, but there is still so much waiting for you on the other side of defeat.

3. Work hard and stay humble.

You taught me to always work hard and stay humble because you never know when everything could be taken from you. To not showcase achievements because you know where you stand and as long as you work hard good things will come.

4. There is no shame in the struggle.

Because struggle often leads to success if you stay with it. Giving up or quitting is the only time you fail. The struggle is what builds character and what makes you strong. Without struggle there is no triumph and the feeling of triumph is all worth it.

5. How to be selfless.

You two were the most selfless people in my world, which in helped teach me how to be selfless watching you. You sacrificed so much for our family and I know I will never be able to thank you enough or repay you, but know that because of your selflessness it has in turn helped guide me to be a better person.

6. Honesty is key.

I’ve tried lying, just like every other kid, sometimes I got it away with it and other times I haven’t. But you taught me that it’s much better to tell the truth than to make up a lie. The repercussions of lying are more likely to back fire and hurt someone.

7. Always express gratitude.

You both taught me to be thankful for everything in my life. To say I wasn’t privileged would be a lie; to say I wasn’t thankful for my life would also be a lie. I was in no way spoiled, I didn’t get everything I wanted, I didn’t get things just because I asked, but I had parents who would willingly drive me where I needed, pay for sports tournaments I wanted to participate in and give me $10 if I asked to go out to eat. I know how lucky I am and not expressing my gratitude would be an awful mistake.

8. Forgive others.

You taught me to forgive others, even when they don’t deserve it sometimes because we all do and say things we don’t mean from time to time. But forgiving someone helps lift a weight off your shoulders and in turn makes for a better life.

9. Learn from others.

Never think you’re above someone because if your glass is already full then no one else can pour anything into it. In other words, never think you’re too good to learn from anyone else because an attitude like that doesn’t allow for personal growth, which will only harm you in the end.

10. Take pride in your work.

This is important, if you aren’t proud of your own work how do you except others to be proud of it? My parents have shown incredible support for my work and my dreams, which in turn makes me proud.

11. Be generous.

It is so important to be generous because you never know how much someone is struggling and could use a hand. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra generosity and love to show someone that they are not alone and that you are there for them in times of need. A little support goes a long way, you both taught me that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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