Together, We Shine With A Light That Ignites The Whole World

God & Man

This evening I sat down alone on the sand dunes and watched the late afternoon moon, pale with longing, admire the waning sun from far across the sky as she sank tenderly into the horizon. I couldn’t help but be reminded of you and I and our final days, that sweet prolonged so long we spent laughing and dancing and learning each othe. How, like the sundown, the closer we came to the end, the more precious and breathtaking our bond seemed to become.

The entire sky was flushed pink and many streams of sunlight painted the underbellies of thick heavy clouds. All the while, the ocean splashed about softly against the sandy coast, filling the air with the familiar sounds of finely composed chaos that permeated our final moments together. I collapsed to my knees and let its beauty consume me. In one last eruption of light, the sun reached out to her lover in sweet despair, before finally fading into the darkness.

In that moment, dismay cut through me like the coldest wind. I wondered if everything in the universe must be sentenced to this prison of partings. This soul-exhausting cycle of beginnings and ends. I begun to wish that we held onto each other more tightly. That we did more to nurture the connection we shared. Soon the lavender skies fell dark and the stars crept out of their hiding places, dancing in patterns of cold, distant light, seeking to sway the lonesome moon into their passionless arms with their alluring otherworldly charms. But hope rose though me again as I watched him pay them no mind, and instead, search every last corner of the sky for a sign from his sweetheart. Across his cratered face, I could see he was still illuminated by the light of her. Despite all the distance between them, he still glowed bright and full. I knew in that moment that true bonds really were eternal. That even if some endings were inevitable, true love would endure unimaginable darkness for even one small ray of hope.

And so like this I choose to wait for you. I will outlast this long night draped in the light of your memory until the time comes you decide to return from your travels and rise back into my welcoming arms. Though now and again, beautiful strangers may pass me by like comets, quasars, and booming stars, I will will not go to them because I know in my heart they are not of my world. You are my person. We share this ancient bond. And like the endless love affair between the moon and the sun, we may well be fated to a lifetime of farewells, but when we meet together, for even a moment, we shine with a light that ignites the whole world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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