When I Say ‘I Love You,’ This Is What I Really Mean

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Joanna Nix

Do you know what I mean when I say ‘I love you,’? When I say those three words, eight letters and one sentence? Listen carefully because I am telling you what I truly feel and it’s just one of those beautiful truths that I want you to know deep in your heart.

I never tried to hide how I feel about you and I hope you know that. When I say I love you, what I really mean is that I care for you, I trust you and I want to share a part of my life and soul with you.

When I say I love you, this is what I want you to feel it.

I love you. And I hope not a single moment goes by that you’re not reminded of it.

I love you because you are good at heart, because you are so adorable and beautiful, because your eyes say everything I want to know and because you occupy all the spaces in my heart.

I love you because you never let me get scared of the words I always want to express. Because you say it back, and oh how I love the sounds leaving the curve of your lips.

I love you for bringing out the best in me and for making my life a beautiful one worth living and for making my heart swell with happiness.

I love you and I hope you know you don’t need to hide your imperfections, flaws and frailties. I’m going to love all these, anyway. It is because these are things that make you a human.

I love you for waking me up with thousands of beautiful words each day—potent and passionate. And there is always a paradise in every word you say.

I love you for all the thoughtful gestures, for the small acts of kindness and for the passion you have in loving me. I see all this when I look into your eyes and every time you look into mine.

I love you just the way you are. I love everything about you. The way you pretend not to notice me when I do something dumb. The way you grin when you’re up to something and the way I see the compassionate soul in you.

I love you for giving me a piece of heaven here on earth and for finding comfort in you.

I love you for the first time you ran your fingers over my skin.

I love you because we’re both flawed and imperfect humans and that’s what makes life a wonderful one to live.

I love you because you aren’t a fantasy, a dream and an illusion but a reality.

I love you because I am very lucky to have you in my life and I want to share a beautiful life with you.

I love you beyond measure. A love that goes deeper than the abyss of the ocean. It rises higher than the tallest mountain and it stretches beyond the farthest sea. That goes beyond the limit, over the horizon to the deepest pit. That goes high as the blue sky above that reaches to the burning rays of the golden sun.

And when I say I love you, I want to hold you with all the love that’s in my heart. When I say these words, I choose to love you, all of you, with all my heart. When I say I love you, I apologize for all my shortcomings and each time I take you for granted.

You are God’s gift to me and I will never regret a single moment of my life because of you.

I love you. There are no rules. No ifs. No buts. No whys. Just love. A love that grows, that never hurts, not difficult and not hard. A love that exists.

And that’s what I mean when I say, ‘I love you.’ Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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