This Time I’ll Love You Even Better Than I Did Before

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The world is happening all around us. And here we are…starting all over again.

How could you change the trend of my life this way? You came back into my life like a storm—suddenly blowing—and you changed my life forever. You came to me by surprise, giving me a feeling I never thought I could feel. And now every single moment in my life belongs to you.

Different emotions are filling my heart. It’s happiness. It’s bliss. It’s love. It’s liberating.

I cannot imagine myself without you. It feels so right. It’s true, we’ve lost so many wonderful moments. We were good friends and we never said what we truly felt about each other. But this time we’re letting ourselves feel a love that’s beautiful and new.

And this time I will love you even better than I did before.

Yes, now I’m telling you now the things I hid inside my heart for so many years. I loved you. I honestly love you.

Life was funny, then. It was littered with loose ends. It was a bit happy and a bit messy. Perhaps it was so easy to say goodbye back then. And I thought that when we lost people, we would never get to see them again, but I was wrong.

Because you’re right here, in front of me now, lovingly whispering my name into my ear. And somehow, strangely, some things never change.

We both know that we are entitled to some happiness. We made a mistake by walking away, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop living or that we’re never allowed another moment of happiness. And here we are, together, once again, making a fresh start. Fixing our lives one more time.

I love you and I always will. Please know that deep in your heart.

Know in your heart that I love you because you’re a part of me. It’s like your blood is running crimson into my veins and your heart beats in rhythm with mine. I love you so much because of the years we’ve spent apart. I love you unconditionally and immeasurably. And I want you to know that my being in love with you won’t ever change.

Thank you for everything.

For finding a way back into my life again and for giving me the immense feeling of happiness. Each day starts with so much joy and ends with something even better. The way you say my name with so much love. The way you hold me in your arms like no one else could harm me. And just hearing the same laughter in your voice makes me feel safe and comfortable, like nothing bad can happen to me.

And it’s the best feeling in the world that no one can ever describe. The way you look into my eyes, or how every word you say makes my heart thud against my ribs. This is a genuine love, I know. The kind of love that fills my heart with so much joy.

No, the world is not falling apart anymore. Life is not scary anymore. I already know how to sleep at night because I feel you next to me, you know that? I’m so safe I don’t feel alone, even if you’re not physically beside me.

Perhaps it’s still too early to say I dare not hope for so much. But, let’s find strength in one another. Let us hope together. Let us make up for all the lost moments in our lives—all the times we spent apart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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