To The One I Promise To Keep In My Heart Forever

Josh Felise

I don’t want to ask you for all of your time. I just want a piece of it for me to gaze into your beautiful and sleepy-hooded eyes or the loveliest smile I’ve seen all my life.

I don’t want you to stay during the sunny days and leave me on the stormy days. I want you to be around during the rainy days and hold an umbrella open for me.

I don’t want you to hold my hands and tell me all the passionate declarations you don’t really mean. I want those words to be spoken only by your heart.

I don’t want you to be selfish by letting me learn the ways of love the hard way. If you love me, then love me with all your heart and I will complete you in every way.

I don’t want you instill in my mind that life is difficult and the word love itself means disappointment, a broken heart, tears, worries or excruciating pain. I just want you to help me see that life is beautiful, especially when you’re next to me.

Just like mine, I want to see your eyes beaming with happiness in each time we’re together.

I don’t want you to be perfect. I just want you to be the person you are because I want to love the things that make you a human being.

I don’t want you to love me in perfect ways. I just want to understand in simple actions what this thing called, ‘LOVE’ really is. I just want to hear and feel those words in the deepest corner of my heart.

I don’t want you to give up on loving me when I still have a soft spot in your heart. I just want to know that this journey with you has taught me my capacity to love is far beyond what I could imagined. I want to know that in the end, your love for me that I feel deep in my heart is a true gift, the promised boon and the ultimate reward for having you in my life.

I want to realize that waking up in each morning is a moment with you—a brief moment during the day when I recognize and care the exquisite beauty in simple things, like the color of the sky with the gorgeous red hues of sunrise is crossing over the horizon, and the crisp and cold scent of the earth.

Give me a fraction of your soul and I will give you the whole piece of mine. Keep me in your heart forever and I will stay there to sing you a beautiful song. Give me just a piece of heaven here on earth and I will give you the whole paradise.

Keep on loving me and I promise you that I will always be a blessing for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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