I’m Done Being Your ‘Maybe’

Mohammad Metri

I’m tired being the woman you stay with for five minutes then disappear for weeks, acting like nothing happened. I’m tired of being ignored on Thursday nights and thought of on lazy Sunday mornings when you have no other girl beside you. I’m tired being the woman you only remember when you feel bored and when you want to fill those empty spaces between your fingers.

I’m tired of being your maybe, your option, and your second best to someone else.

I’m so tired being regarded as your game, your fun and your at-whim lover. I’m tired being regarded as a toy designed for your amusement.

I’m tired being with a chauvinist boy like you, checking out women as if we are pieces of meat on a rack. I’m tired having a boy like you, who seemed like knight in shining armor but deep inside is a rat.

I’m done being an ad-hoc lover for you. I’m done being your second best. I am worth being someone’s first choice.

I deserve a man I love with all my heart and who loves me that much back, a man who would cross heaven and earth because he cares for me, a man who would come through a hurricane for me and never change his mind to chase after someone else.

I deserve a man who cares about me every time and a man who will climb on top of the highest mountain with me. And each time huge waves are drowning me, he’ll always be there to help me survive.

I deserve a man who loves me for the madness I have and the little things I do. I deserve a man that sees no flaws, finds no faults and knows no bounds.

I deserve a man who is my home and the one who will stay by my side to provide me the warmth and comfort through his sweet embrace.

I deserve a man who holds me in his arms until I close my eyes to sleep, a man who will wipe my tears away and makes me smile again. I deserve a man who hugs me tight when I’m sad.

I deserve a man who never stops letting me feel infinitely confident and a man who let my soul shine brighter than the sun in a broad daylight.

I deserve a man who falls in love with me: not halfway and not maybe.

A man who will never push me away. A man who will realize that giving up on me is the most impossible thing.

I deserve a man who is not ashamed to hold my hand in front of his friends and family, a man who will choose me over and over again, and a man who will look for me when I disappear in a crowd.

I deserve the kind of man who will stay forever, even when life’s unexpected changes are trying to pull us in two different directions. The man who will hold each and every single piece of me and the man who will stand by me through thick and thin.

I deserve the man who will quench my thirst and let me get drunk on his infallible love.

The man who finally shows me how I deserve to be loved; I will wait patiently for him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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