Don’t Lead Her On With No Intentions Of Loving Her

Manuel del Moral

Don’t date a woman and have one hell of a time with her when you’re just planning on dating another girl the next day and the following day or every day.

Don’t tell a woman she tilted the earth on its axis when she smiles when you know that’s not really true.

Don’t tell a woman she moved your heart to its place when you don’t even feel a singular emotion towards her.

Don’t tell a woman she means the world to you just to let her travel in and out your door.

Don’t make promises that you will not be able to keep.

Don’t make her feel happy for a day when you will make her life a fucking miserable after that.

Don’t let a woman trust you when in the end she’ll find out that you are nothing but a chauvinist boy.

Don’t make her so special when you are giving to all women this treatment.

Don’t tell a woman you miss her when you are telling these words to all the women you see along the subway.

Don’t make her believe that you care when you’ll dump her or shove her away one day.

Don’t ever, ever use a woman as an instrument of your selfishness.

Don’t let her fall too hard when you’re planning to kick her out of your life.

Don’t tell her the words “I Love You” just because you wanted her dress to fall down on the floor.

Don’t kiss a woman when you only want to play with her.

Don’t fill the spaces that lie between her fingers just to flirt with her.

Don’t be with a woman just for kicks, just for fun and just for the thrill of being with her.

Don’t waste your time deceiving a woman into believing she’s the only one in your life when you are letting other women invade your bedroom each night.

A woman is not made to be broken. A woman is not made to be hurt. A woman is not a toy designed for your amusement. Show her the real you. Show her you love her with all your heart. Show her that you are a man but not a boy. Don’t make it so hard for her to live a life loving you. Be kind and compassionate to her.

You have your Mom. You have your Sisters. You have your Nieces. You will have Daughters one day. You have Grandmothers. Think of them. All of them!

And whatever you do and wherever you go, don’t lie to a woman because it makes her crazy all the time. It brings out the worst in her. Don’t pretend an emotion you never feel at all. Don’t tell a woman the most passionate words or declarations when you know in your heart that it’s a fucking lie or when you don’t really mean and feel it. Save those beautiful words and save that best love until you meet the one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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