25 (Not So) Crazy Things You Would Only Do For Your Best Friend

You don’t need a list to tell you who your best friend is, or the bizarre things you would do for them. But, sometimes it’s just fun to reflect on these things:

1. Stalk every single tagged photo of them on Facebook in hopes of finding them a new profile picture.

2. Partake in a photo shoot to get them a new profile picture when that fails.

3. Send them excessive amounts of ‘Snapchats’ because there’s somebody on their top friends list that they know probably shouldn’t be.

4. Set up their study abroad destination’s clock on your iPhone, because you always need to know what time it is where they are too.

5. Have no problem taking a look for them when something down there just doesn’t feel right.

6. Google or WebMD their symptoms on whatever is going on down there.

7. Help them sext the new person they’re interested in.

8. Answer their phone calls at 4 A.M and promise them that you were not sleeping, even if you were.

9. Eat extreme amounts of junk food and ice cream with them when they are upset because let’s be real: their breakup is your break up, too.

10. Pop their pimples, squeeze their blackheads, and pluck their chin hair.

11. Share your toothbrush, nasal spray, or razor without thinking twice.

12. Meet them somewhere along their walk-of-shame path.

13. Drive to multiple drug stores before the sun is up, looking for Plan B, until one is open.

14. Buy the Plan B for them because they’re too embarrassed to do it themselves.

15. Come up with witty Instagram captions for them when they are having… caption block?

16. Buy them drinks at the bar when they’re way too sober to deal with whoever just walked in.

17. Leave that bar early and buy them a slice of pizza when they realize who just walked in, and which new ‘girl’ they are with.

18. Hold back their hair when all of that alcohol just needs to come up.

19. Give them your garage code or a key to your apartment.

20. Switch meals with them at dinner because they liked what you ordered better, and you’re just not as picky.

21. Refrain from posting a picture on Facebook that captured their worst angle, no matter how pretty you think you look.

22. Listen to them vent about — okay fine, shit-talk — another friend, and not judge them for it.

23. Promise them in the middle of a fight that, yes, this can be over soon, but I still need to be mad for a couple more minutes.

24. End a fight because you have something really important to tell them.

25. Remind them once in a while, for no reason at all, that no matter who or what happens, they’re still the best you’ve got. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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