Top 7 Worst Types Of Hangovers

1. The “Oh Shit” Hangover

Waking up and realizing you need to be in class or the office way too soon. The moments it takes everything in your power simply to roll over let alone look halfway presentable and tone down the vodka musk you’re sporting.

2. The “Oops I Did it Again” Hangover

Waking up and quickly learning you aren’t in your own bed nor a bed you’ve ever seen prior. Lovely.

3. The “Fast Food Blackout” Hangover

When you look around and notice fast food remnants scattered in miscellaneous places. Not only are you pissed for scarfing down 10 McNuggets but you were too drunk to even remember eating them. Life of regret.

4. The “Wake Up and Throw Up” Hangover

It is just insult to injury at that point. These are the moments you swear you will never drink again and promise God all sorts of things you will do as penance if he can just make your head stop pounding and the world stop spinning.

5. The “I Have No Idea Where Any of My Shit Is” Hangover

When you wake up and have a laundry list of things that are MIA; your cellphone, wallet, car keys, pants, dignity etc. etc.

6. The “Remorseful” Hangover

When you spend the majority of the next day thinking of people you should apologize to for your questionable/offensive behavior the night before.

7. The “Ex-Text” Hangover

When you wake up and realize your drunk mind apparently had quite a bit to say to your last lover. Thanks tequila for another rousing game of Fuck My Life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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