The Sad Truth About Not Understanding What You Deserve

The Sad Truth About Not Understanding What You Deserve

You’re attracted to the same type whether you realize it at first or not. They may not all look the same, dress the same, or speak the same, but believe me, they’re exactly the same. You’re constantly putting yourself in the position where you’re attracted to the same old scumbags, dirtbags, and lowlifes.

Stop settling and stop believing this is what you deserve.

In a life full of the right decisions regarding your career, student life, and friends, you feel like you’ve always made one wrong decision. In a life full of right decisions about everything else, you constantly make the wrong decision regarding who you give your time, heart, and body to. Why do you do this? Are you addicted to projects? Sure. Do you have daddy issues? Maybe. But who cares? These things don’t define who you are, but you’re allowing them too. You’re allowing these things to happen again and again. You do this because you’re too busy not seeing how perfect you are. You do this because you don’t realize what you actually deserve.

People try to tell you. You just don’t listen.

You’ll convince yourself you’ve found one that’s different. You’ll then begin to try and convince your friends, but they know. It’ll be your best friends who tell you, “You deserve better.” They’ll tell you that a guy like that can’t possibly handle your attitude, your loud mouth, and your weird quirks, nor does he deserve to. He’s simply there because a girl like you is just good for his ego. They can see it before you even do. They can see that he’s just another douchebag that isn’t good enough. They’ll see what it is he’s after before you do. You won’t listen. You’re choosing not to listen because of the fear of them being right. Because of the fear of you knowing that you just made the same mistake again.

Do not let this fear get you down. Do not allow this pattern to be ongoing. Break the streak. Realize that you deserve so much better than what you’re giving yourself. Realize it.

You matter. You’re worth more than you understand. You should hold yourself to a higher standard than what you are. You shouldn’t allow a man to determine your worth. You shouldn’t allow what he needs to overshadow how great you are. Stop allowing him and the rest like him to steal your thunder.

Fall in love with yourself again. It’s the best kind of love to give. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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