Loving You Wasn’t Always Easy, But It Was Right

You were perfect. Not in the way that you didn’t have any bad habits or that you knew exactly what to say all the time. You were perfect in the way you made me complete.

I was a glass half empty. I never realized how, unconsciously, I was looking for someone to complete the puzzle I was. Someone to make long days seem shorter. That’s what you were to me. You were perfect in ways that mattered.

I never knew what it was like to be filled with love like that. To get butterflies from even their picture, to get goosebumps from their touch, to melt from eye contact. It almost felt childish to be in love, because I had never been so giddy and giggly in my entire life.

I was enjoying every minute of being in love with you because it was more than just the words “I love you” themselves. It was an overwhelming feeling of serenity and peace. It was that urge to hold something tight and never let go. It was all-consuming and amazing and I never wanted to feel anything else for the rest of my life more.

You were perfect in the way you made me feel special without trying too hard, and maybe that was part of it: loving each other was simple. It felt like I was supposed to love you forever and that the butterflies would never go away and I could only hope that was true.

We argued and went through our downs like we did our ups, but I never questioned us. I always woke up and chose you. I chose to love you every day of every week and I never regretted any of the sacrifices I had to make or the things I had to compromise on. I knew that you were worth it all.

Loving you wasn’t always easy, but loving you was right, and you were perfect in the ways that mattered. Thought Catalog Logo Mark