Double Text Me

Double Text Me

I knew it from the second that I met you that I had lost all control of my heart because it hummed beautiful songs when it heard your voice and hasn’t stopped. I knew then that you were more than a little crush, but that I was falling in love with you and I had no idea how to stop it.

Loving you has been constant daydreams of what I look like in your arms and if I’ll fit into your chest the way all girls do in novels. I want to fit into you like a puzzle piece. I want to be a part of your life and I hope that you’ll let me.

I, too often, find myself waiting for you to text me back and I never have to wait too long. My heart won’t stop skipping beats at the vibration of my phone letting me know that you want to know more about me.

Double text me and ask me whatever you want and I promise you I’ll answer honestly.

I want to hide nothing from you.

I want your love in the most consuming of ways. I want it to swallow me whole, leaving me in a state of euphoria where the smell of your cologne never leaves me alone and your smile never fades.

I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything. I love you more than these words can do justice.

I’ve tried to slow my heartbeat, but the second your name pops into my mind it picks back up faster than before.

Whenever you drop me off at my apartment, that text you send the second I’m inside is always the sweetest and I hope to have you to remind me how special I am for the rest of my life.

So double text me, call me, let me have the joy of being able to be loved by you forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark