Why You Should Never Regret Loving Someone Who Broke You

Jairo Cajilima

It’s a tough pill to swallow. To think that you gave your best shot and loved someone with all your mind, heart and soul only for them to leave you shattered and hanging in the end, is something most of us will never be proud of.

It took a leap of faith for us to believe that this time around, the person we chose would love us back. Instead, what happened was the exact opposite.

We hoped that it would work after being neglected and taken for granted so many times, but it didn’t. So now we’re left with this massive regret weighing on us, our heavy hearts pinning us down from picking ourselves back up again.

What if you didn’t took a chance on her? What if you never met him? What if you decided to never love the person that caused you so much pain?

These are the questions that fill our heads as we ponder the possibilities. Would the outcome be much different than now? Yes. But will we ever really know if we didn’t try? Of course not.

I firmly believe that loving is a choice. We chose to love them, they didn’t. It becomes harder to accept when they cheated or left in the most callous way possible, but this isn’t indicative of you being unworthy of love. They chose to leave, knowing in the back of their minds that they will inevitably hurt you. Even though they said they loved you, it wasn’t as strong enough to convince them to stay.

The roots of regret grow deeper when you refuse to accept it and let it go. So I what I found the most uplifting perhaps is recognizing our mistakes as lessons learned and not something to dwell on repeatedly with guilt.

How considerable the pain was after they left shows your capacity to love with great measure. It’s proof that we loved them deep enough that we were more than willing to get permanently scarred, and that is not shameful at all.

Depending on how you handle this distressing moment, it will either make you or break you. You decide if you look at it as something worth regretting, or as a valuable lesson in life worth recalling. It takes courage to forgive the person that caused us so much pain. And without a doubt in my mind that once we do, the roots of regret, the shadows of guilt and the clouds of sadness will vanish in our minds and clear our perspectives once again.

Anytime you rip your heart wide open out there, there’s the risk that such love you’re capable of giving might not be appreciated or even returned. It’s a scary thought indeed, but beautiful at the same time because there’s also the chance that someone will hold it dearly and treasure it more than you would ever believe or expect.

You are not alone in this because I myself am learning to channel this valuable life lesson and apply it on a daily basis. You don’t neglect the hurtful experiences in life. Instead, you turn pain into power and channel it through your veins.

Let it flow through you. Feel it. Embrace it.  This is what makes us human and our mistakes do not define who we are, rather it’s a part of our story we should never, ever regret. Because after all, we learned so much and were hardened by these experiences. The bruises and scars are there to prove it.

Despite the lies we might tell ourselves, the risk of trying in the name of love is worth every ounce of pain. Because in the end, life is worth living when we have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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