This Is The Kind Of Guy You Should Look For

Inna Lesyk
Inna Lesyk

The thought of extensively soul-searching for your ‘prince charming’ or ‘knight in shining armor’ in this modern day and age has been far more challenging that you initially thought it would. And of course it is. It’s very difficult to find “the one” you’ve been looking for all along because let’s face it ladies (and gentlemen of course,) we are at odds. If falling in love with the right person (and I really mean the right person) was easy, then everyone would be heels over heads and not a single human being in existence would be heartbroken, right?

Ideally, we envision ourselves having feelings with a certain kind of guy or girl with the attributes and characteristics that we really, really like in a person. But when Cupid fires that arrow dead-on, it doesn’t matter whether the person checks your list, you’re just hopelessly, madly in love now!

So I’m here to tell you this. Look for the guy who makes you happy, starting with the little things. The one who’ll hug you tight from behind and just snuggle at you and whisper sweet nothings to your ear. Look for the guy who’ll put a picture of you in his wallet to remind himself that he’s survived his worst days because he’s truly in love with a wonderful lunatic like you. Look for the guy who’ll smudge a batter of brownies in your face and laugh while doing it because he just wants to have fun with you while he bakes to satisfy that little tummy of yours.

Look for the guy who is driven to succeed, a guy you can envision a future with. A guy you can be completely comfortable with in silence, just pajamas, TV and popcorn. A guy you can trust, a guy who will let you down not because he didn’t try, but because he did and he was willing to risk it all for you even if it means he would fail.

Look for the guy who’ll support you in whatever dreams and ambitions you might be chasing. He’s gonna be your best friend and your biggest cheerleader of all time. He’s got your back, and he knows you got his too. Look for the guy with values, with compassion, with a heart bigger than yours that extends to everyone else. A guy who spreads love whenever possible because he knows this world needs more of it.

Look for the guy whose jaws drop every time he sees you tying your hair in a mirror. A guy who thanks God every single day that he’s blessed to witness a living miracle unfold right before his very eyes.

He’s usually not the hottest guy around with ripped six-pack abs or the most athletic or talented dude you’ll ever meet. Hell he may not even be a celebrity stud kinda guy out there and certainly not the head-turning one. But if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s that he knows how to love. With honesty, with sincerity, and with real meaning.

He may not always understand you, but man you gotta admire the dude’s attempt to try to comprehend your double entendre’s. He keeps it simple. He doesn’t want to fight with you unless it’s important, and he doesn’t try to make you guess what his motives are and what his intentions may be. He’s clear-cut and transparent. No games, no head-aches. Drama is kept to a minimum, and he’s just got this simple, kind, plain nature to him. He rarely raises his voice, but knows when to stand his ground and fight for what he believes in. And that may make him such a boring, one-dimensional guy right? Well if you’ve ever been in disastrous relationships before, I’ll let this one speak for itself.

All of this may lead you to believe “This guy you described is such a unicorn! He DOESN’T EXIST!” But the thing is, they do. They’re having a hard time finding someone who would appreciate them for what they are and what they’re worth just like you do. Believe me, I know this. He may not be the wildest man of your dreams, but he’s definitely the one worth keeping.

He may not have everything I mentioned, but essentially he’s that kind of guy. We’re all different, and for sure he will have his own flaws and he will certainly not be perfect. We don’t view things with the same lens and we often see things differently. Some of you may like guys like him, some may not. But I hope that when you finally found him, make sure you see in him what he couldn’t see and appreciate how special he really is. We’re all special in our own way, remember that. Just promise me this. If you eventually fall in love with him, do everything in your power to keep him because I guarantee you, he will do everything in his power to keep you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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