To The Girl Who Deserves Better (From A Man, With Love)

To The Girl Who Deserves Better (From A Man, With Love)

Now now, baby girl. Look at you, you’re a beautiful mess. Sure the ending wasn’t the one you wanted, but we can blame the movies, the fairy tales and the make-believes for getting our hopes up and believing in the ever-so-popular cliche of “happy ever after.”

Keep your head up, princess, you’re stronger than that. Let the tears flow, but don’t let your tiara fall. This isn’t the end of your fabled love story. In fact, it’s a new chapter.

In a world where reality will slap your greatest fantasies, perhaps this is a wake-up call. A wake-up call that you’re better than what you are now, that you deserve someone better than that frog you kissed that never turned into a prince.

It’s time to write a new story, one that you’ll be proud you flipped the page on and turned into something legendary. And now is the right time, my dear. You have to believe that you deserve better.

Forget the guy who took you for granted. Forget that sorry ass of a man for not treating you the way you deserve to be treated. It’s his loss, and someday he’ll realize what he had, but it’s a little too late now.

Listen carefully my dear because this is very important. In order to believe you deserve better, you have to make sure that the next man who’ll walk into your life deserves you. It’s about knowing your self-worth. Who you are, what you can do, and how much you can give.

This is the perfect time to rebuild yourself. Go out there and explore the world. Do what makes your heart flutter. Learn from the past mistakes and gain wisdom during the process so that the next time a man comes to sweep you off your feet, you won’t fall. You’ll stand up, head-high and proud of who you are and what you have become.

Live your dreams, don’t lose sight of what you really want, focus on what really matters, and let time heal the past scars. All I can say is that time almost always heals all wounds. Don’t rush it girl, you’ve got this.

It is you and only you who entirely knows what you deserve. And I’m sure once you’ve realized your self-worth, you won’t even bother trying to settle for less like you did before.

He’s not worth your tears, the 3 a.m. thoughts, hell he doesn’t deserve a place in your palace.

So pick yourself back up again and believe me, the right guy will come along and prove to you why he not only deserves a chapter in your book, he deserves to be the title.

Someone who believes that you deserve to be happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark