What It Really Means When A Guy Says You’re Too Good For Him

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Have you ever met someone great and you just couldn’t get them out of your mind? Did you go on dates, hookup, or simply experience life with that other person? After all of this, you decide to ask that other person what you two are, and they said,

“I’m not sure. You’re just too good for me and I don’t deserve you.”

No one can deny and say this does not completely suck. It is essentially giving your partner a slap in the face because let’s face it… if you truly want something, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Trust me ladies, as a man, I’ve used this line, and for some reason, girls seem to find some sense of affirmation and discomfort at the same time with it.

The question we want to answer is “Why do guys say that you’re too good for him and that he doesn’t deserve you?”

See, the real question we want answered is why isn’t the man good enough for you? Why doesn’t he step up so that he can be up to par with your standards? If anyone came to me and offered me something above average, I would take it without hesitation thus why is this not the same mentality when it comes to possibly dating?

Why are we so scared to commit and give everything we’ve got to someone?

As a man, I know I’ve used this excuse as a macho way out, as a way to play the game, and as a way to hide my own insecurities. Even though the mostly manly of men come with baggage, that doesn’t mean you need to deal with it.

When a man says he doesn’t deserve you, it is simply a cop out because we go after what we want.

If we do not commit, it can be our own insecurities coming into play, but it can also be because we were simply playing the game and that is wrong. These men can find an easy way out and have the girl feel guilty for being too good. Do not ever feel this way because of a man. He is not important enough to want to matter in your life.

If anyone says, “It’s that you’re too good for me” then leave, and do not give it second thought. Do not think about what could have been, because if the person you are seeing is making you feel sorry for how great you are, then they were never good enough for you to begin with. TC mark

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