7 Stages Of Finding And Falling For Your BFF

There’s no denying it: Falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world (followed closely by finding out there’s no charge for extra guacamole). With so much focus on romance, we forget about the best kind of love. This love isn’t going to break your heart or text you at 2AM to ask if you’re up. This love doesn’t care that you didn’t wash your hair. This love is your best friend. In partnership with Bumble, here are the 7 stages of finding and falling for your BFF.

Twenty20 / @meganmeza
Twenty20 / @meganmeza

1. That instant comfort.
You’ve just met this person, but you’re already joking about how having cramps would definitely warrant paid time off from work if men experienced them. Right away this person understands your absurd sense of humor. This is definitely going to be your person.

2. Feeling stoked you’ve met someone who gets you.
You don’t have to pretend to be cooler than you are. In fact, they’re probably a weirdo just like you—that’s why you get along so well. You share common interests and are unapologetically excited about watching that rom com with a bottle of wine again and again, as long as you do it together. There’s an ease and an authenticity—it’s so refreshing! You’re both able to be yourselves, and that in itself is a pretty special thing.

3. Hanging out to eat all. The. Food.
You know it’s love when you can stuff your faces and not care how it looks. Taco Tuesday, Wine Wednesday—you’re down for all of it. Nothing says friendship quite like nurturing enormous food babies together.

4. Realizing they’re “falling” for you, too.
They think you’re incredibly rad and want to hang out all the time, too? Seriously? It’s kind of like finding out your crush likes you back, only a thousand times better—this one isn’t going to break your heart. Your best friend wouldn’t do you dirty like that.

5. Getting personal.
In addition to all the insides jokes and spontaneous dance parties, you can also get deep with your new BFF. You share stuff that you wouldn’t tell anyone else. A strong sense of trust already exists. Knowing there’s someone you can come to when things aren’t all rainbows and sunshine is empowering. You’ve got someone in your corner—someone who’s genuinely rooting for you.

6. Becoming fiercely protective of them.
It’s suddenly like a mama lioness has taken up residence in your heart: You would karate-chop anyone who hurt your new BFF. You have zero qualms about warning their future dates about it, either.

7. Planning where you’re both going to retire.
This is the long haul, baby. This is a ’til-death-do-us-part relationship. You’re going to be at every milestone, every birthday, every night out, front and center. You already know you’ll be out there sitting on the porch, just two old ladies reminiscing about the trouble you used to get into together.

A love like yours is rare, and something like that doesn’t disappear over time. It just gets stronger. Congrats on finding your BFF!Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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