Your Heart Is Bruised, Not Broken

Drew Wilson

Someone threw your heart on the ground and now you’re desperately trying to piece it back together. You’re looking at the chaos in front of you and unsure how it will ever be okay again. How will you mend something so destroyed? How can you fix a thing that feels broken?

The thing is, your heart is bruised, not broken. So maybe it’s a little worse for wear and tear. Maybe it’s black and blue and not working quite the way it used to. Maybe it’s beating, but just barely. Maybe it’s aching in your chest.

But it can heal itself. The bruises will lighten. The wounds, once so deep, will become shallow. An indent might remain. A scar, a reminder of the hurt you survived.

A broken heart is never really completely broken. It’s still going. It’s growing stronger a little bit every day.

Give it time. This doesn’t happen overnight. You won’t wake up perfectly brand new. And some nights, the pain will be beyond belief. The pain will convince you it is permanent. The pain will seem eternal.

But it’s not. Or not fully. While it’s true, pain doesn’t always go away, it can transform. It hangs out in a little section instead of dominating your entirety.

And I know, it’s easier said than done. It’s easier as a feel-good mantra rather than practical advice. But trust in the process. Trust in your body and its ability to regenerate.

Your heart is struggling right now. Your heart is a stuttering engine on the brink of collapse.

But you’re still going. 

Give yourself some credit for that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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