19 Pop Hits That Will Instantly Induce Nostalgia If You’re A Late 90s Kid

1. “crush” – mandy moore

Okay, Mandy Moore is clearly a vampire because she has not aged AT ALL. Watch A Walk To Remember and then turn on an episode of This Is Us. Girl is pulling a Paul Rudd.

2. “This is me” – Dream

Was anyone else obsessed with Dream? Their CD It Was All a Dream was on heavy rotation in my Walkman. A very underrated girl group, in my humble opinion.

3. “Come clean” – hilary duff


4. “rumors” – lindsay lohan


Oh, Linds. I think we all just want you to be happy and healthy and like, take up yoga or something. Seriously, how are you? Are you surrounded by good people now? I hope you have a cute journal and green tea. We just want you to thrive, girl.

5. “pieces of me” – Ashlee Simpson

There are two types of people in this world. Jessica Simpson fans or Ashlee Simpson fans. I am the latter.

6. “That’s how i beat shaq” – aaron carter

This is truly iconic.

7. “Leave (Get out)” – jojo


Is it not mind blowing to realize JoJo is THIRTEEN YEARS OLD IN THIS?!? Excuse me? At thirteen, I was still regularly playing on Neopets.

8. “Genie In a bottle” – christina aguilera

Raise your hand if you used to belt this song as a small child and only now realize how inappropriately sexual it is. ✋✋

9. “Girlfriend” – AVRIL LAVIGNE

The song I felt a spiritual connection with while singing into my hairbrush because obviously everyone wishes I was their girlfriend. OBVIOUSLY.

10. “Gives you hell” – the all-american rejects

This song made you want to be a thousand times more successful than all of your exes.

11. “Potential Breakup Song” – Aly & AJ

This is still a banger, goddamn goddamn!

12. “I WANT you back” – *nsync


13. “I WANT it that way” – backstreet boys

I know that people were generally Team Backstreet or Team *NSYNC, but I vividly remember being down for both. It’s like the argument cats vs. dogs. Can’t you love them both??? Why choose?

14. “Always be my baby” – mariah carey

*sigh* Back when Mariah Carey could still sing. (Sorry, girl)

15. “it wasn’t me” – shaggy

If I’m drunk and have the aux cord, I’m playing this. Actually, I’m playing it sober too.

16. “oops!…i did it again” – britney spears

If you tell me you didn’t practice this dance routine in front of your mirror, you are lying. Straight up lying.

17. “a thousand miles” – vanessa carlton

This song made me want to learn piano for the sole purpose of playing it on a beach while wild horses gallop past me.

18. “mambo no. 5” – lou bega

This song is actually so stupid, but I still know all the lyrics. Yeesh. AND AS I CONTINUE, YOU KNOW THEY GETTIN’ SWEETER.

19. “barbie girl” – aqua

I had actually never seen the music video until this moment. I think I love it?

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