9 Signs She Really, Really, REALLY Likes You


1. She talks about you constantly to her friends.

Even when it doesn’t make sense, she finds a way to fit your name into conversation. She doesn’t even mean to be doing it half the time. She can’t help it. It’s like an adorable case of verbal diarrhea.

“Oh my god, that reminds me of the time ____ told me this funny joke. Seriously, I’ve got to tell you. I mean, it won’t be as funny as when ____ said it, but it’s hilarious.”

“Aw, I think ____ has that shirt!”

“Hey! I came here with ____ once.”

2. She deep cleans her entire car and/or apartment before you come over.

There’s nothing quite like a crush coming over to motivate someone to dust. If her car is sans empty water bottles and her clothes are all nicely hung up instead of randomly flung around, she is trying to impress you. (OH THAT’S JUST ME? WHATEVER, YOU GUYS SOUND ORGANIZED AND GREAT!)

3. She listens to that really shitty band you’re into.

Even if it’s not her cup of tea, she’s going to give it a try. Just in case you happen to have an extra ticket to a concert and she has to prove she knows their catalog of work so YOU KNOW she’s only going because she also really likes that band (…not just because she’s dying for any quality time with you).

4. She types a text. Deletes it. Types it out again. Deletes.

That dot dot dot typing bubble popping up and then suddenly stopping? Only to start again. And stop. And start. FOREVER. Yeah, she’s overthinking and overanalyzing every emoji and period placement. Texting you is like drafting a college essay. There’s a rough draft and everything.

5. She hangs out with you instead of watching The Bachelor.

This might mean she’s in love with you, tbh.

6. She laughs when the joke you made isn’t even funny.

No, she’s not fake laughing. She just really thinks your bad jokes are funny. Apparently they’re not, but to her, you’re a stand up comedian. A good one though. Not like Dane Cook or anything.

7. She wears that shirt she had on when you were last together a little too long.

Yes, she does eventually wash it. SHE’S NOT DISGUSTING. But she likes that it smells like you. It’s comforting and lovely. Even better if you let her borrow a sweatshirt or oversized T-shirt. She’s gonna rock that shit until it’s ripe.

8. She agrees to something she’s going to hate, but knows you’ll love it.

Fishing? That sounds disgusting. But you enjoy it and she wants to bond with you over your favorite activities. So…guess she’s going fishing!

9. She deactivates Tinder prematurely.

Maybe you aren’t even dating seriously yet. Maybe you aren’t even dating at all! You’re the one and no one on Tinder will ever compare. SEE YA TINDER. (Though she’ll totally get it back if you end up breaking her heart. I mean, that’s fair, right?) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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