To People With Big Hearts And Bigger Emotions, You Don’t Need To Apologize For Loving So Much

To People With Big Hearts And Bigger Emotions, You Don’t Need To Apologize For Loving So Much

To the people with big hearts oozing out every pore. To the people who speak with their hands and can’t seem to contain their excitement or enthusiasm. To the people who feel things so deeply, they wouldn’t know the first thing about playing it cool.

I hope you never apologize for how much you care. I hope you never think you’re wrong for being who you are.

Do you know how much easier it is to craft an outer shell? Do you know how many others find safety in hiding? Some construct walls so high, it’s hard to ever fully break them back down.

But you, you don’t do that. You love even when others tell you it’s too loud. You love even when people encourage you to protect yourself more, to not give yourself away so fully.

So what if you love passionately and without a second thought? Since when did that become a bad thing? Something to be ashamed of? Something to try to cover up?

There’s a magic about you; did you know that? You’ve seen the worst in people, in situations, but keep finding silver linings. You’re an optimist, even when the world tries to force you into pessimism. There’s a warrior in that heartbeat of yours. It just keeps going. It just keeps believing.

This is to you, lovers and dreamers. To those who refuse to believe romance is dead. Do me, and all of us, a favor, okay?

Keep loving with that big heart. Keep wearing it on your sleeve. It’s woven into your very existence.

In a world that’s so obsessed with maintaining the upper hand, with pettiness, with seeming apathetic, always know we need more people like you.

We’ll always need people like you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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