If He Breaks Your Heart, You Should Thank Him

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If he breaks your heart, don’t drain your energy hating him. Hatred isn’t how you move on. Hatred is how you get stuck.

Don’t exhaust yourself searching for clues you could have seen earlier, indicators that he was going to do this. That he was going to be another tragic ending, another reminder loving someone is never a guarantee.

If he breaks your heart, you should thank him.

Just hear me out, okay?

If he breaks your heart, he wasn’t meant to have it in the long-run.

Even though it hurts right now and you’re feeling betrayed and terrified you won’t ever love someone like this again. This was always going to happen. There was going to be a time when this chapter came to a close. That doesn’t make it easier, but just know it was inevitable.

If he breaks your heart, you should thank him. Thank him because he was not the one for you. He was not going to be the guy you grow old with and sit together on the front porch. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t important to you, or at this time in your life, but he’s not the one. You should thank him for allowing you to see that.

You should thank him because he has just given you a gift. And I know that sounds ridiculous. How can heartbreak ever be a gift? I know how it feels. Dirty, pathetic, like the walls are caving in.

But in the strangest way, this devastation is a silver lining.

One day, you will find someone else. Someone who won’t break your heart like this. Someone who, instead, will hold it between his fingertips with care and tenderness. Someone who will fight for you every single day. Someone who will build you up, not tear you down.

If he breaks your heart, you should thank him. And you should let him go.

Because somewhere, someone else is out there waiting for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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