6 Petty Fights You No Longer Have To Deal With When You Start Dating A Real Man


1. Dressing a certain way.

A secure man doesn’t feel the need to control your body, and that includes what you choose to wear. So what if you want to show some skin? He thinks you look sexy as hell and isn’t intimidated by other men seeing how great you look too.

2. Having friends of the opposite gender.

He’s not jealous that you have a close male friend. He trusts you and doesn’t feel the irrational need to keep you away from all other men.

3. Choosing a ‘girls’ night’ instead of him.

A real man knows how important it is to carve out time with your friends. There’s no need for the two of you to be attached at the hip. You encourage each other to spend time with other loved ones. Going out with your girls or him having a night with the boys is never the source of a fight.

4. The length of your hair.

There are actual “men” who will get mad at their girlfriends if they cut their hair short. I just…what? How is that a serious thing to be upset over?!?

5. Refusing to admit when he’s wrong.

It’s a pretty basic human instinct to want to be right. And a good (healthy) argument is to be expected from time to time. But there’s something insanely awesome about being with someone who can own up to being wrong. He doesn’t let his ego or pride get in the way. He’s willing to say, “You were right,” if it is warranted.

6. Making more money than him.

Maybe you’re the one bringing home the bacon and he’s frying it up in a pan. Who cares? He’s not worried about expected gender roles and doesn’t feel threatened by you excelling in the workplace. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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