If He’s Doing These 7 Things, Break Up With Him Right Now

James Chororos
James Chororos

1. Guilts you for not wanting to have sex.

Unless you are some horny robot that was programmed to be ready for sex 24/7, you’re going to have moments when you aren’t in the mood. Even if he listens to you saying no, later complaining about it to make you feel bad means he’s definitely not someone you want to keep around. He sounds like a Big Baby who thinks he’s entitled to sex just because you’re romantically involved. And that’s NOT cute.

2. Doesn’t ever introduce you to his friends.

It’s totally cool that he’s got his own group of people. He should! And you don’t expect to be included in every poker night. But if he NEVER asks you to hang out with the other people he loves, something’s up. He should be excited for you to meet his buddies. If he’s keeping you away, that’s a red flag.

3. Belittles your passions.

If he’s constantly making fun of your soap making business, get rid of him. Even if he claims he’s “just joking.” He doesn’t have to get what you’re into, but he shouldn’t be making you feel bad for liking what you like. That’s just, you know, basic human decency.

4. Calls you emotional or crazy when you talk about your feelings.

No, you’re not emotional if you cry about something. No, you’re not crazy if you’re upset and want to discuss things. He is just invalidating you. He’s trying to turn you (being a very normal human being who experiences the full emotional spectrum) into the bad guy. He’s being insensitive and that’s his problem, not yours.

5. Storms out during arguments.

We all have those explosive fights from time to time. People say things they don’t mean. Someone slams a door. It happens. But if this is his MO when it comes to disagreements, he sounds T-O-X-I-C. In relationships, you’re going to fight. Learning how to handle them in a productive way is how couples end up staying together. And to be honest, it doesn’t sound like he cares to do that.

6. Tells you to stop worrying when you bring up something that’s bothering you.

Again, not productive. It’s a re-direction tactic. He’s not interested in hearing you out. He just wants to shut you up.

7. Doesn’t know the difference between they’re, their, and there.

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