16 Times Your Best Friend Was, Without A Doubt, Your Soulmate

Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson

1. When they picked you up from the airport at 6 in the morning, coffee in hand.

And at even the most ungodly of hours, as soon as you saw each other, you squealed from excitement at a decibel only dogs could hear.

2. When they made you laugh so hard, your abs were sore the next day.

Because you don’t need a gym when you’ve got a best friend.

3. When you got sucked into a Facebook debate with a stranger and your BFF “liked” every point you made.

Even if it was stupid, they stood ready and willing to back you up. They are always so unconditionally #TeamYou.

4. When someone hurt you and your best friend was ready to stab a mothaf*cker.

But ultimately decided against it because if they were in a jail cell, that would mean the end of your wine and The Bachelor nights.

5. When they cheered you up with brunch and raunchy stories.

Never doubt the power of poached eggs and dick jokes.

6. When they listened to you complain about the same ex/romantic situation over and over….and over again.

Even when you both knew the eventual outcome, they never made you feel less than. They provided an ear, or a shoulder, and let you vent and cry whenever you needed. They were your free therapist, no matter how many times you kept making the same mistake.

7. When they respected you enough to tell you the truth, even when it was uncomfortable.

Communication can be difficult in any relationship. But a soulmate is the person who works through the hard stuff with you. A soulmate is the person that doesn’t take the easy way out.

8. When you binged on Netflix and pizza together instead of going out.

Because no pants = no problem.

9. When you both got super weird and found every damn thing hysterical.

Bonus points for getting this giggle fit in the backseat of an Uber (with a very confused Uber driver trying to understand what the hell is going on).

10. When they meticulously helped you craft the PERFECT text message to send your crush.

Everything from emoji usage to period placement, they approved it all.

11. When they checked in to make sure you were okay.

Because they always know when something is wrong, and they’ll never let you struggle alone.

12. When you had an epic lip sync/dance party.

And your matching Snapchat stories could prove it.

13. When you both sat in complete silence.

And it wasn’t weird or uncomfortable. It was familiar. Like you could sit on a porch in 50 years together and be just as happy.

14. When you hated someone because they hated someone.

You know, solidarity.

15. When your family became their family.

And you remembered that blood isn’t the only indicator when it comes to who you consider part of you.

16. When they saw you at your absolute worst and stuck around.

Forget Nicholas Sparks bullshit. That right there is true love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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