15 College Graduates Share Their Biggest Fear About Entering ‘The Real World’



“Dating. The actual process of going out on a date terrifies me. In college, you just started hooking up with someone or hanging out. It was all very informal. I have no idea how to approach dating outside of school.”

— Laura


“I was scared of having so much free time. It sounds silly but I was SUPER involved in college and I was scared that I would lack connection and would get depressed.”

— Savannah


“Securing health insurance.”

— T


“Making new friends. In school, you have most of the people you really love and care about within walking distance. The idea of leaving that behind is really jarring.”

— Alex


“Ending up in a dead-end job that I don’t enjoy and makes me feel like my degree was a waste of time and money.”

— Stefani


“Not knowing what I’m doing with my life.”

— Tim


“Money management. Admittedly, I was very privileged in college and had a lot of help from my family with tuition and other finances. The idea of having to do it all on my own really scares me.”

— Holly


“Supporting myself with just a BA. It’s getting harder and harder to land a good job even WITH a college degree.”

— Billie


“My loans. They’re looming over me like this giant, dark cloud and it’s so bleak. But at least I’m not alone in this misery. My friends and I always make sure to cheers to our debt when we’re out to laugh off the pain a bit.”

— Jules


“Falling in love. I thought I’d meet my person in college. But I didn’t.”

— Alice


“Needing to move back in with my parents. I know it’s not something to be ashamed of, but it would still make me feel like a failure. I’m hoping to avoid it. But there’s never a guarantee.”

— Elena


“I got a job across the country, so I’m moving away right after graduation. I don’t know anyone where I’m moving so the idea of starting over and needing to make friends is pretty overwhelming.”

— Eugene


“Money. Money. Money.”

— Blake


“Not living up to my full potential. Whatever the f*ck that means.”

— Vince


“I don’t know that there’s one specific fear I have. The idea of a big change is just scary in itself. But in a good way, I think.”

— Keisha

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