21 Undeniable Signs You And Your BFF Are Basically An Old Married Couple


1. You’d much rather stay in together with blankets, pillows, and the liquor of your choice than freeze waiting in line to get into some dark, seedy club.

2. It’s not uncommon for you to both fall asleep on the couch while watching a movie or the same episode of Friends you’ve seen 13483275 times.

3. You know every intimate detail of their medical history. You know if they’re on any medications, the dosage, when they need to take it. You know about that mole on their back that they (with help from WebMD) freaked out over and requested you give a fully thorough inspection. Basically, you know their body just as well as they do.

4. You tell each other the same stories over and over again. About halfway through you have a tendency to interject, “Wait, have I told you this before?” And the answer is always yes. Yes. So many times.

5. You can sit in comfortable silence for hours. The concept of awkward went out the door ages ago.

6. You love going out to eat just to people watch. To the outside world, it would look like you’re ignoring each other. That’s not the case. After quietly eavesdropping on the dude in the fedora next to you for the duration of the meal, you’ll have soooo much to discuss in the car.

7. One of you always has snacks. And the other one is always super, super happy about it.

8. You have the freakish ability to communicate without even saying a word. You’ve got the art of telepathy mastered. It’s almost supernatural, tbh.

9. You frequently shop for each other. That shirt isn’t really your style, but it’s totally the kind of thing your BFF would love.

10. You bicker in public. No, you’re not having reality TV worthy aggressive screaming matches. And it’s almost always over something very mundane and dumb. Like how they parked too far away from the restaurant, or that they’re wrong – Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are absolutely not a cute couple.

11. Their family is your family, and vice versa.

12. You’ve 100% accepted the weird things they do. You don’t even really notice anymore unless someone else mentions them. “Oh yeah, that’s just something they do.”

13. Your very best memories include them, so you can reminisce together about pretty much everything.

14. You could sit around saying, “Awww, remember when” until you actually do get old.

15. You’re totally down to go out in sweatpants together. All about that stretchy, elastic waistband. More room for the food babies to grow.

16. One of you absolutely owns a pair of Birkenstocks.

17. You’ve gone with each other to doctor/dentist appointments. Even if it’s a totally normal procedure that they can handle on their own, you’re still going to be there in case they need a hand to hold.

18. Every year, you tell them to get a flu shot.

19. You know what’s on each other’s calendars. And you’re always there to remind them about that thing they TOTALLY forgot about.

20. You can always immediately tell when one another are lying about something, so neither of you even try. Brutal honesty or bust.

21. You hope that when the day comes that one of you bites the dust, you kick it The Notebook style and go one right after the other because the thought of ever existing without them is just too painful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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