15 Men Share The Most Common Thing They Lie To Their Girlfriends About



“How attractive I find her friends. It’s not as if I’d ever cheat on her. I love my girlfriend. I can’t help it if her best friend is a total babe. But I’m smart enough to never say that thought out loud.”

— Trevor, 24


“Work stuff. I’m in a very stressful career and I don’t always feel like talking about it. I’m definitely guilty of saying everything’s fine when shit actually just hit the fan. But I don’t need her overly worried until there’s ACTUALLY a reason to be.”

— Christian, 27


“Porn. I lie a lot about porn.”

— Brandon, 24


“I never flat out lie. But there are times I definitely selectively choose what I tell her. For example, if she asks me about a girl she’s seen comment on my photos or something, I’ll say she’s a friend. I don’t need to say we drunkenly hooked up one time in college.”

— Elijah, 25


“There’s this girl that hangs out in my group of friends that my girlfriend HATES. She’s tried explaining it to me before, but to be honest, I still don’t get why there’s such animosity. So, a lot of times when I go to hang with my buddies and do something, she’s there. I just leave that out of the story when I later tell my girlfriend.”

— Mark, 22


“How many girls I’ve been with. I round the number down…significantly.”

— Sam, 24


“That my mom likes her. I’m not trying to hurt my girlfriend’s feelings. I’m not a monster.”

— Ian, 27


“I’m the kind of person who really craves my space and alone time. My girlfriend is the total opposite. It can be hard to tell someone, ‘I love you, but I don’t want to be around anyone right now’ without them personalizing it. Sometimes I’ll tell little, white lies to just get some me time. Like I’ll say I have work I need to get done when in reality, I’m sitting on the couch with a cold beer in hand.”

— Austin, 30


“Sex stuff. I’m not going to get into the specifics, but let’s just say my girlfriend and I have very different definitions of ‘kinky’.”

— JD, 27


“I’m a very noncommittal person in all aspects of my life. I was a nomad for a long time after college. Getting into a monogamous relationship was a huge (and out of character) step for me and, as much as I adore my girlfriend, I still get freaked out occasionally. But it’s not something I ever tell her about. I guess that’s not an outright lie, but it isn’t totally honest either.”

— Adam, 32


“My buddy likes going to the strip club. I don’t like them as much as he does, but I’m also not going to pass up seeing ass and titties when I’m invited along. It’s definitely not an activity I tell my girlfriend about.”

— Anthony, 27


“My girlfriend doesn’t shave her armpits and theoretically, I support it. Why should she be expected to do something that I don’t do just because she’s a woman? So one one hand, I get it. But on the other…I would never, EVER say this to her, but it kind of grosses me out.”

— Cole, 26


“My past relationships. I tell her she’s the only person to ever make me feel the way she does. But that’s not entirely true.”

— Jake, 21


“If I’ve ever fantasized about someone else during sex. C’mon, of course I have.”

— Brock, 24


“Oh man, this would get me in so much trouble if I ever told her, but I definitely lie about liking her friends. They’re the most shrill group of women I’ve ever met. They make her happy though, so I do what a good boyfriend does and I keep my mouth shut. But god damn, group date night is my actual nightmare.”

— Drake, 25 TC mark

Ari Eastman

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  • http://emulateme.wordpress.com Harbans

    Thanks sharing.

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  • http://allensrepositoryofstuff.wordpress.com allensrepositoryofstuff

    I have done some of these, but not all of them. I think anyone in a long term relationship has probably told a few white lies to their partner sparing either conflict or hurt feelings. Sometimes it is OK to take the path of least resistance, but it can also bite you in the ass as well.

  • http://ddmoonsong.wordpress.com ddmoonsong

    In the end I think honesty is the best policy. I mean, would you want to share your whole life with someone who doesn’t know anything about your past or your exs because you’ve lied about it? Or someone who doesn’t even know which kind of sex you prefer or that you hate her underarm hair? Have you ever considered that maybe she likes porn too or would understand if you talked about the stress you feel at work?

    Ofc I am talking about real commitment here and not casual or short-term relationships, so it depends on the type of relationship you are fostering.

  • http://voluptuouscara.wordpress.com Cara

    Yeah, women lie too…about how many past partners we’ve had, about how much we like your mother (seriously, I can’t stand my own mother, do you really think I like hanging out with Yours?), about how much money we spend

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