12 Things That Happen When You’re The Short One In Your Family

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1. Everything gets put away at a height you can’t reach. When you want to grab that plate that somehow always ends up on the highest shelf, you either you have to ask someone for help, or you’re forced to crawl up on the counter like a goddamn animal.

2. Unless you’re put in the very front, you’re eclipsed in family photos by your taller relatives. Picture time becomes a carefully choreographed dance to make sure you’ll be visible in the photo.

3. You get lost in crowds. Like, literally. You’ve gotten separated from your family and, because of your short stature, it wasn’t easy to locate you.

4. You get stuck sitting in the middle seat. Because you don’t need as much leg room. Aka you’re forced to be in the most uncomfortable spot ALWAYS.

5. Jokes. Alllll the jokes. “Did you not get fed the same thing as everyone else? What went wrong?!” Oh hahahahahah hahaha hahahaha 😑

6. You have perfected the art of tippy-toes down to a science. It’s truly impressive. You’re like a not-as-graceful ballerina. But instead of it being a beautiful dance move, you’re just trying to see.

7. You have to walk extra fast to keep up with everyone else. They put in half the effort and still cover more distance with those longs. Meanwhile you’re trailing behind like, WAIT UP! I’M COMING!

8. You like shoes with a little something extra at the bottom. Oh, yes, I am taller today. No, it has nothing to do with these 3 inch platformed shoes.

9. Everyone assumes you’re the youngest. You still get carded while your younger (but taller) siblings stroll in with no problem. Um, excuse me?

10. You’re always called “the cute one.” Gee, thanks.

11. Concerts are your Hell. If someone doesn’t let you go on their shoulders, you’ll enjoy an awesome show of the backs of people’s heads while everyone else gets to watch what they actually paid for.

12. You can’t borrow clothes. Things just awkwardly hang on you. Oh, this is supposed to be a shirt and not a maxi dress? Cool, cool, coooool. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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