You Will Love Again, But It Will Never Be Exactly The Same

Richard Torres
Richard Torres

The first time your heart is massively broken, you become utterly convinced the pain you feel is everlasting. It’s not the forever you signed up for. It’s not the outcome you expected when it was good, when things were full of light and happiness. But now you’re afraid it’s the only one you’ll know. You have loved, and you have lost.

And part of you wonders if that’s it. That’s just how it goes.

See, you loved with the kind of fire that is impossible to extinguish. You think the flame will continue to burn, that you’ll never feel that strongly again. And maybe it will keep flickering. There is no rush or time limit for your heart to mend. That’s the thing about a broken heart — it never fully breaks. It bruises; it stumbles. It might even fracture. But it can rebuild. It’s one of the strongest muscles, after all.

Right now, all you can see is the dust and the aftermath of a Great Romance. You thought it could stand the test of the time. You’d be the Pyramids, the Parthenon. Instead, all you can see are the ruins of something you prayed was indestructible. You’re so lost in the rubble.

It hurts too much for you to fully understand, but love is not a limited feeing.

Love is not something you get a singular shot at. Love is like energy — it cannot be created nor destroyed; it only transforms from one form to another. It will never be exactly like it was, but you will love again.

You might not want to hear that right now. I hope you understand this doesn’t diminish what you had. This doesn’t mean your love wasn’t special or spectacular. This doesn’t mean your feelings are just a dime a dozen.

Everything you had was real. Some day in the future, you are going to feel more love than you know what to do with. Whether it’s for friends, family, a romantic partner, or even yourself, you will get another chance at loving, and at being loved.

Like ivy on a building, love has a way of growing out of control. One day, it’s a little shrub by the sidewalk, and suddenly it’s all we can think of. It’s all in our hair. Even when you swear off its power, it will find a way. It’s like man against nature, frankly my dear, you’re powerless to stop it.

And when it comes around again, I hope you open your arms. I hope you open your deserving heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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