15 Super Sexy Songs That Will Make You Want To Put A Baby In Someone ASAP

Go find someone to make out with, STAT.

1. dvsn – “Too Deep”

I mean, with lyrics like: I think we’re / in too deep / don’t wanna pull out / what else are you supposed to do?!?! *Yo, but if you’re not literally trying to have a baby, pls be smart. Use protection.

2. Santell, Lido – “Pillows”

This song describes someone moaning so loudly, they need to bite a pillow. Well, f*ck.

3. Maxwell – “Lake By the Ocean”


MAXWELL IS BACK, MAXWELL IS BACK!!!! Now go find someone to hump rn.

4. Ludacris, Trey Songz – “Sex Room”

This song is so extra and hilarious, but still gets the job done. I’d personally love Ludacris to narrate my entire life. Luda, have your people call my people. (I am my person, just contact me)

5. Ro James – “Permission”

This song is seriously so good and I cannot stop playing it. Which maybe I should considering I’m currently at a coffee shop and getting low-key turned on.

6. Blackbear – “Slide Thru”

IT’S BOUT THAT TIME YOU SLIDE THRUUUU / BRING NOTHING BUT YO PUSSY AND THAT PERFUUUUME. …Um, yeah, you def don’t want this one playing when you visit Grandma.

7. LION BABE – “Treat Me Like Fire”

The insanely talented Jillian Hervey is the daughter of Vanessa Williams and, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen. Whenever I watch this video, my jaw literally drops. It drops off my face and I have to pick it back up off the ground. It’s a problem.

8. Anderson .Paak – “Miss Right”


If you don’t know who Anderson .Paak is, you better jump on this train before it takes off full steam without you. One of the most dynamic musicians in the game right now. And he just killed Coachella.

9. How To Dress Well – “Repeat Pleasure”

How To Dress Well, more like How To Give Eargasms, am I right? …guys???

10. Autre Ne Veut – “Ego Free Sex Free”

Very, very Prince inspired — an explosion of electro-sensuality. I dig it. Do you dig it?

11. Frank Ocean – “Lost”

Okay but real talk: Frank, are you still lost? Come back.

12. Silk – “Freak Me”

Claaaaasic. Babies were definitely conceived listening to this song. So many babies.

13. Pretty Ricky – “Grind With Me”


I couldn’t resist. I just couldn’t.

14. Ginuwine – “So Anxious”

Anyone who knows me even a little knows my Ginuwine obsession is REAL and will never die. I’m just soOOoOoooOOoooo anxious.

15. Usher – “Nice & Slow”

A true 90s slow jam that makes you want to call up your crush and take things…well, nice and slow. WINK, WINK. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Listen to the full playlist below:

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