Your Flaws Are My Favorite Things


You first came into my life like an earthquake, constantly apologizing for the unexpectedness of it all. But earthquakes cause destruction, and you, my love, rebuilt my most tender parts.

I don’t just think you are a good thing. I know you are.

You met me underneath the willow tree and we kissed as her branches wept. Forgive my need to turn everything into poetry. I don’t want to find symbolic meaning in everything we do, but Darling, isn’t that something? Every time we say goodbye for too long, it starts to rain.

The universe is so melodramatic, she cries when we are apart.

You say there are things you can’t explain and it makes me just want to hug the dark parts of you. I tell you my brain is a corn maze and some never get out. I brace myself for you to flee, but instead, you buy tickets and say you find puzzles comforting.

I can be selfish and you can be brash. I can cry for hours at things that seem insane, and you do not let people get too close. We are so flawed in multiple ways. But we do not wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to our personal mistakes. We see them.

And we accept them.

On our third date, you told me people are scary. I laughed, and you said, “No, seriously.” I hate when people hold my hand, but I reached out to touch you. When we interlocked fingers, I swear, it’s stupid but I could feel your heart. I could feel you. All of you.

Your flaws are some of my favorite things. You lose your keys and can’t remember what time we’ve agreed to meet. I always sleep too late and get anxious in large crowds. We’re so full of wrong, but when we’re together, it feels right.

Your flaws fit perfectly into mine. I love that you are human. I love that your imperfections are as wild as mine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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