Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins The Oscar For Best Actor And Everyone Immediately Sh*ts Themselves

88th Academy Awards
88th Academy Awards

Yes, yes. Leonardo DiCaprio is a great actor and gave an important acceptance speech on climate change. Yes, yes. Kate Winslet was beaming in the audience like she’s so glad to see Jack made it out of the ocean. I understand why it was an exciting night for #TeamDiCaprio. For years, he’s been the bridesmaid, never the bride, so we all knew it was coming.


But damn, the internet is collectively losing its mind, as if we’re all the ones winning an award. You all know Leo won it, right?

If we’re going to get sincere, it’s actually pretty beautiful to see so many people emotionally connected to this singular moment. But still, you all know that HE won and not you…right? Okay, just checking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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