9 Reasons It’s A Good Thing To Be Emotional

 Ángela Burón
Ángela Burón

1. You’re open.

People don’t have to play guessing games with you or how you’re feeling. And while some might not realize just how much a strength this is, I hope you do. You’re not quick to shut anyone out, no matter how painful or upsetting a situation might be. And that’s a special kind of bravery.

2. You’re in tune with your own needs.

You know yourself (know your worth, my actions been louder than my words — Sorry, Drake took control for a hot second). You know what you need, and that’s not something everyone can easily do. Recognizing your emotional and mental limits, as well as what you require, are important life skills that those ~*~*emotional people~*~* have an advantage doing.

3. You’re not at risk for exploding one day.

Things can only stay bottled up for so long, and we’ve all known people who had something finally set them off, and then proceeded to explode all over the damn place. And that’s a very, very jarring experience. That’s a pretty unlikely scenario for you. Because you’re open with sharing what’s bothering you, you aren’t storing away tons of resentment.

4. You have an easier time connecting with people.

You’re often someone people seek out when they need a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to listen. Your natural empathetic tendencies create a safe space for people, and that’s such a beautiful gift to be able to give.

5. The emotions of others don’t make you uncomfortable.

You know how important having a community of people you can trust is, so, without a doubt, you’ll be there for friends and family when they encounter hard times. You don’t shy away from the painful or awkward. You embrace it and offer to help to the best of your ability.

6. You care. A lot.

You get invested in things. That’s not a weakness. You hand people your heart even if there’s the terrifying risk that they will drop it. Some may consider this foolish, but they have it all wrong. That is trust and faith, and both of those things require true courage.

7. You allow yourself permission to feel.

The human brain is kind of (INSANELY) incredible. The coping and defense mechanisms we conjure up are limitless. We construct ways to keep from feeling too much, whether it’s as protection or to just survive. We’ve all done it some extent. But you know the power in just letting yourself feel. The hurt, the ache, the passion, the drive, the disappointment, the bliss. They all have their merits and you aren’t going to shut out an emotion just because it’s inconvenient.

8. You are productive.

Contrary to popular belief, emotional people aren’t sitting in a corner in the fetal position all day long. Emotional does not equal mess. You do quite well in getting things done because you possess emotional intelligence. You understand how to talk to people, to connect, to assess, to problem-solve. All very valuable assets in life and career.

9. You love freely.

And not just speaking in the romantic sense. You don’t try to play it cool or trendy in your detachment. When you love, you love. You show it. And everyone could use more of that in their lives Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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