19 Things People Who Seriously Hate Traveling Can Relate To


1. Not knowing how to gently tell your friends that, no, you don’t want to go on a two month backpacking trip through Europe. In fact, you’d rather pluck out all your own eyelashes and glue them to paper like macaroni art.

2. Getting stuck going somewhere because you couldn’t bring yourself to be the Debbier Downer who said, “No, count me out because that sounds terrible.”

3. People asking if you have travel plans after graduation and 100% sincerely saying, “Yeah, over to my couch. I’m exhausted.”

4. Finding a place you feel comfortable and love, and never wanting to leave.

5. Like, ever.

6. Gagging whenever you see the word wanderlust.

7. Hardcore wishing teleportation was a feasible option. Way less hassle.

8. Quietly smiling in the corner when all your friends obsess over all the cities they can’t wait to visit.

9. Not having a prepared answer for when people ask where you’d most like to go.

10. Or, alternatively, having a prepared answer that isn’t necessarily reflective of how you feel. Just something to say because it’s easier than explaining you’re the freak who doesn’t care about travel.

11. Cringing at the Plague-like germ count on airplanes.

12. No, seriously. It’s disgusting.

13. Needing a Trip Survival Kit, and not like, for first aid purposes. But with things to help you simply survive the stress. Like sweatpants. Oh man, so many sweatpants.

14. Having suuuuper cute panic attacks when flying.

15. Occasionally getting the urge to look at Airbnbs in far off locations, but after perusing them for a few minutes quickly deciding, “Lol, naahhhhhh.”

16. Getting your fix to see the world by watching travel programs.

17. Wondering if people who are always on the road know there’s this extraordinary thing called Netflix.

18. Enjoying solo trips.

19. Because you can be in full control of when they end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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