10 Reasons Slightly Awkward Guys Are So Much More Attractive

 10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You

1. They’re relatable.

I always found those perfectly-chiseled-Herculean-type-Gods casually hanging on the cover of Men’s Health magazines super intimidating. Like, am I going to bruise myself against your rock hard abs? That just seems unpleasant. Awkward guys, who come in all shapes in sizes, are the total opposite. They’ll be the ones you aren’t afraid to approach. It doesn’t feel like you have to constantly watch what you say, or how you present yourself. You can just be.

2. They have a certain kind of charm to them.

To the Michael Ceras of the world, don’t worry about your lack of “game.” Some of us out there are suckers for that nervous laughter and darty eye contact.

3. They’re terrible liars.

Again, imagine Michael Cera lying, lol. Doesn’t exactly go smoothly. They tend to play it safe and stick to the truth.

4. They aren’t usually huge players.

They were likely never the guy texting three different people at once and sliding into DMs like his life depends on it. Awkward guys tend to be late bloomers, so they aren’t used to a ton of attention from people. They aren’t looking to get away with anything. They’re just happy to be with someone they care about.

5. They have a self-deprecating sense of humor.

And not only can this be seriously funny, but it also reflects a level of self-awareness that is so, so hot. Everyone is flawed and has some thing about themselves they wish didn’t exist. Being able to talk about our insecurities, joke, and get it all out in the open is very comforting.

6. They’re more sincere.

You know that when they’re talking to you, they aren’t playing games or just saying what they think you want to hear. (Because they probably don’t even know how to figure out what that is)

7. They don’t always make the first move.

This is totally a personal preference, but sometimes, it’s attractive to be able to go after someone. There’s an element of fun in the chase. Being the one to initiate the kiss or invite them out on a date can be really invigorating.

8. They are the guy who sticks around.

How many times have we seen the same damn story line in romcoms? The sweet, slightly awkward guy is best friends with a girl (and secretly in love) and watches her date terrible guys. And still, at the end of the day when she finally realizes what she’s had all along, he’s there.

9. They’re just sexy.

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the awkwardness, that it screams genuine and adorable. Maybe it’s that people assume girls love the bad boy when in actuality, tons of us want the sweet guy we can curl up on the couch with and play video games. Whatever the reason, they are total hunks in their own right. And it’s the best.

10. They make good partners.

They’re silly and always make you feel like it’s totally, 100% okay to be a weirdo. They accept you for exactly who you are, just like you do for them. Together, you create an awesome partnership and a relationship that’s long lasting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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