17 Totally Irrational Thoughts Running Through Your Head When You’ve Got A Huge Crush



There’s no denying it’s fun to have a crush on someone. That sheer giddiness of seeing someone you really dig is something I wish I could bottle up and sip on when I’m feeling low. But as magical as it is, it’s also really, really, really stressful. Because when you’ve got a huge crush? Let’s be honest, you’re not usually doing the most rational thinking. In partnership with The CW’s new show ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,’ we wanted to assure you that you’re not alone in your slightly delusional thinking. And remember, there’s a reason we don’t say a lot of these thoughts out loud…

1. “Sometimes, I can’t tell if these are butterflies in my stomach or if this crush has just turned my body into a giant ulcer. I CAN’T BREATHE AROUND HIM!”

2. “I should see if there are any openings in his office. Not like, that I would quit my job and apply to his company JUST to be close to him…no…I’d never do that. But I’m just going to look…”

3. “Because, let’s be real, how rom-com would two co-workers falling in love and having to keep it secret from the rest of the office be?!?”

4. “Hold up – WHO IS THAT WOMAN? Is it his sister? It’s got to be his sister because they look similar and there’s no way he’d date someone who looks identical to him. That’s just wrong.”

5. “Do you think he can tell how often I lurk his Instagram and Facebook accounts? Because it’s not as if I do it thaaaat much. But you know, I only check it a few times a day…”


7. “Soooo, he just used the hashtag #bae and I know he’s talking about the cup of coffee in the photo, but I can’t help from thinking it’s a secret nod to me :) :) :)”

8. “NO, DEAR GOD NO! I think I just accidentally liked a photo from 67 weeks ago, so my life is officially over. Going into hiding now, be back in a few decades.”

9. “I wonder if our children would get my eyes.”

10. “*sigh* I hope they get his jawline.”

11. “I have his birthday casually circled on my calendar, just in case we’re together at that point and I end up being in charge of throwing the best surprise party ever. It’s best to be prepared.”

12. “He gets coffee 20 minutes away from me, so if I’m just casually hanging out in the shop, he might see me and realize I’m his soul mate.”

13. “It’s not stalking if I just happen to be somewhere, right?”

14. “Can he physically hear how loud my heart is beating right now? Does he think I have a congenital defect?”

15. “Every single time I see him, it feels like I’ve found Nirvana, but also that I might spontaneously combust any moment. It’s very confusing.”

16. “Okay, did he just mean to touch my leg like that? Are we playing footsie? Was it an accident? Is this the moment he confesses his love too??!? I don’t know if I’m ready!”

17. “*long dramatic pause* Whenever he smiles, I know that angels part in the skies and all start singing Beyoncé songs in unison, and there isn’t any pain in the world. I’m sure of it.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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