17 Undeniable Things That Happen When You And Your BFF Are Attached At The Hip


1. It doesn’t matter if either of you have a significant other, you will still ALWAYS be each other’s plus one.

2. It’s imperative that if one of the BFFs is dating, the other BFF get along with the new boo. Because if not, you might as well just NEXT it right now because that romance will inevitably go up in flames.

3. If you’re not physically hanging out, you’re texting, Tweeting, Facebook messaging, Snapchatting each other. It’s a constant stream of communication, with a few breaks for sleeping every now and then.

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

4. Their family expects you at “close family events.” You have your own place setting.

5. You do even the most mundane activities together: grocery shopping, hair cuts, dentist appointments, etc. The more boring, the more you should be together to endure.

6. You share a secret language comprised of subtle eyebrow movements, shifts in energy, and throat clearing.

7. You’re both experts in telepathy and have a freaky tendency to predict what the other one is going to say long before they ever open their mouths.


8. You get far more jealous of them spending time with someone else than you would someone you were dating.

“YOU TELL THAT GIRL TO WATCH OUT BECAUSE YOU’RE *MY* BEST FRIEND!! Oh, what’s my boyfriend up to? He’s in Vegas, eh, idk. Who cares, THIS IS ABOUT US!!!”

9. You don’t keep any sort of running tab on what the other owes, money wise. You basically just trade off getting each other things and know it’ll all even out in the long-run.

10. They know every weird, intimate detail of your sex life that even you forgot about.

11. Seriously, good luck ever forgetting about something strange you did or said because your BFF will be there to remind you. And in all likelihood, they were there for it.

12. You’ve not only seen each other naked numerous times, you’d easily notice if something on their body looked different.

“Did you start on a new pill or something?? ‘Cause giiiiirl, your boobs look a full cup-size bigger.”

13. You will hear the same story told in 20 different ways. And after the first few times you tried a gentle “you told me this already,” you’ll realize it’s easier to just smile and nod along.

14. When the two of you sit down to eat at a restaurant together, you totally know what the other is going to order, and sometimes, before even they do.

15. People don’t even bother sending you individual invitations anymore. Parties, events, casual get-togethers – doesn’t matter -because they already know you’ll be coming together.


16. You are woven all throughout each other’s Instagram accounts and Facebook photos. A large percentage of your profile pictures contain one another.

17. They’ve seen you at your absolute grossest. And I’m talking GROSS. Bodily fluids flying everywhere, and a face that, in that moment, not even a mother could love. And the best part? They’re still around. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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