17 People Share What Helped Them Feel Better After A Breakup

Jörg Schubert
Jörg Schubert

1. “I disconnected from social media for three months. I deactivated my Facebook, deleted Instagram from my phone, just totally cleansed myself of all that stuff. It kept me from checking up on my ex, which only made things worse and more painful. It didn’t totally erase the pain, but it made it so much easier to move forward and focus on MY life — not theirs.” — Kelly

2. “My best friend and I came up with a totally ridiculous sounding plan to curb drunk texting. I changed the contact info for my ex to the number of my friend. So this way, when I got sad and alcohol got the best of me, I ended up just texting her. And then it would turn into a much needed vent-BFF therapy sesh.”— Lindsey

3. “I cried it out. There wasn’t any quick thing that did it. I just allowed myself to feel. And that meant crying. A lot.”— Marissa

4. “I reached out to close friends I lost touch with over the years. I focused on strengthening and reforming those important platonic relationships.” — Dustin

5. “I got drunk and partied. It’s not the healthiest advice, I’m sure, but I just had fun. I let loose. Some people need to do that.”— Brian

6. “I searched Groupon for cheap, interesting sounding classes. I ended up taking a mixology class (so fun!) and also a photography workshop. It felt good to just…enjoy stuff? I talked to people I wouldn’t have otherwise met and kept my mind busy.”— Anna

7. “I wrote my ex a letter of everything left unsaid. But instead of mailing it, I threw it in the fireplace. Melodramatic, I know. But it felt like a new start.”— Britney

8. “I got back into the dating scene. You know that saying you have to get under someone to get over someone? Frankly, it’s true.”— Dan

9. “Two words: retail therapy. But set a spending limit! Or else your credit card will be a new thing to mourn.”— Brianna

10. “I made a list of all the things I’d been too scared to do. Like performing stand up comedy at an open mic, or just straight up asking out a pretty girl at a bar. I decided instead of wallowing, I was going to face rejection and fear. And it was one of the best decisions.”— Harris

11. “Like they’d say in Parks and Recreation, treat yo self. So I did.” — Dawn

12. “I finally got serious about taking care of my body and health. It started as a ‘Yeah! Can’t wait for my ex to see how goddamn SEXY I got!’ but now it’s just a lifestyle. I feel so much better and connected to my body. When I feel sad, I work out. And it really is that simple.” — Jenny

13. “I stopped making excuses for being miserable. I figured out what I could take responsibility for and made those changes.” — Russell

14. “I threw away the box of all our things. This works for some, not for others. But I was just making myself more depressed by re-reading everything. Out of sight, out of mind.” — Cathy

15. “You know that episode of Friends when Phoebe runs and looks idiotic, but has the best time? That’s what I started doing with dancing. I would dance anywhere. The grocery store, waiting for the light to turn at a crosswalk, etc. Endorphins are a girl’s best friend.” — Jen

16. “I wrote down all the reasons I’m grateful for waking up each and every day. It helped center and remind me of what’s really important in life. I totally recommend it, even if you aren’t heartbroken.” — Teresa

17. “Reading. If you’re a book worm like I am, just diving into some amazing books can really help. You lose yourself in a different story and that can be very cathartic. Forget your own world for a while.” — Summer Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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