10 Things That Happen When You’ve Found A True Best Friend For Life


1. You let them see the parts you shield from the rest of the world

This could be quite literal and you just strip with ease in front of them. Real friends, get naked, right? Okay, but seriously, a friend who’s going to stick around for a while is one who has seen the ugly bits of you. They know your faults, the things you might try to hide from everyone else, the insecurities — you can’t fool them. And when you find someone you can be your total authentic self with, including all those things you’d hate to be broadcast with a megaphone, that’s the person who is with you for the long haul. Because they’ve seen who you are — 100%, and they didn’t leave. They love you for all of it.

2. You start to read each other’s body language

It’s almost as if you have your own language. It can be a subtle shift, a change in an energy. Or maybe it’s a look exchanged across the room. You almost have some telepathy going on. You’re able to communicate without even saying a word. This comes in handy at social gatherings.

3. Your heart hurts when their heart hurts

If they go through a break up, it’s almost like you are too. Seeing your friend in pain is one of the worst, WORST (cue Drake) things and as cheesy as it is, if you could magically swap and take it away, you’d do it in a second. But on the reverse (and more cheery side), you also share in wonderful excitements. You have butterflies in your stomach hearing about the PERFECT date they just had, as if you yourself went. You simply feel when they feel.

4. You can sit in complete silence

And it doesn’t feel weird or awkward. It just feels comfortable. Like you can both exist without worrying about anything. And for those who like to be alone, when you find someone you don’t mind being alone with? Oh, that’s a forever person.

5. You’d drop everything for them

It doesn’t matter that you’re at a concert for your favorite artist, or that it’s 4 am and you have to be at work in a few hours – if your friend needs you, you are there faster than they can say, “I need you.” When you care about someone that much, and they reciprocate, that’s a best friend for life. Someone who would metaphorically (or maybe actually) take a bullet for you. To get poetic with you, that’s some real shit.

6. You are each other’s emergency contact number

But sometimes, you wonder if this is a good idea since you’re always together anyways. They are the first person you think of (maybe excluding family) for just about everything. They are family. The family you have chosen. And that might be even more beautiful.

7. They don’t let you get away with bullshit

They’ll call you out when necessary. If you’re being a total asshole, they know the right way to approach you and say, “Hey, you’re kind of being an asshole.” You know they want the best for you and trust that they wouldn’t be telling you this stuff otherwise.

8. Your best memories include them

When you woke up with a sore ribcage from laughing so hard? You were with them. When you were up all night talking and listening to pop hits from the 90s? Yep, you were with them. If you could make a collage of your favorite moments so far, good chance your BFF is in most of them.

9. Nothing is off limits to talk about

That weird thing you found on your body. Or how you’re still not over the guy/girl from a year ago. It doesn’t matter because this is your person. The person you can talk to about the stupid stuff you’d feel ridiculous telling anyone else. You can make horrible jokes that aren’t in the least bit PC. You can say, “I hate them and I hope they choke, but not really, but kinda,” And they know what you mean. And they’ll probably say, “YEAH, me too!”

10. You work hard at the relationship

No perfect relationship exists, whether platonically or romantically. A best friend for life is going to fit into your life a bit more naturally than others, but that doesn’t mean you don’t put in the effort. You’ll know this is permanent when you wake up every day and decide, “Yes, you are important to me. And I will work to keep this relationship strong.” That’s the real ride or die type. That’s the dream. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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