12 Stages Of Getting Drunk With Your Best Friends

2012 SAG Awards
2012 SAG Awards

1. Planning The Pregame

Ahhh, the pre-pregame. A magical, marvelous time full of anxious questions like, “DO YOU THINK DEREK IS COMING?!” and discussing how much everyone plans on drinking…while being fully aware that those estimates will probably change.

2. The Pumped Up Pregame

Probably the most vital step of the entire night. You’ve raided each other’s closets, swapped outfits multiple times, and now you are ready for greatness. This is the time you get EXCITED AND DANCE AND CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!

“This one?”
“Yasssss! GOD, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!”

*plays it on loop for the next hour*

3. Photographic Evidence

It’s the beginning of the night and you all look fabulous. And let’s be honest…it probably won’t last. So trust you’re going to want visual evidence. Bonus points if you put it on social media with a caption like, “with the bests” or “my team.”

4. The Dancing Fool

Every group of friends has that ONE person who can’t stop dancing. A little liquid courage hits them and BAM, they are Footloose all over the place. Doesn’t matter if you’re at a bar or just in the living room, they are putting Shakira to damn shame.

5. “I love you soooooo much”

At this point, the drinks are overflowing and so is the love. You start handing out compliments left and right. It’s like a smorgasbord of affection.

“You are my best friends and I love you so much, and you’re going to be my bridesmaids. You are the prettiest, smartest, most wonderful humans and I love you sosososoosooooooo much!” *Cue the crying*

6. The Ex Files

The alcohol has HIT full force and someone starts talking about an ex or maybe even a current love interest. And everyone else jumps in, ready to say whatever to ease the pain and get them back on track.


7. Inside Jokes

Here comes the stage when you all start strolling down memory lane, sipping on nostalgia nectar. Every joke you’ve ever had makes a way into conversation, even though it doesn’t even make sense.

8. So Many Blurry Pictures

Vision is a bit impaired at this point, and hand-eye coordination is not the sharpest it’s ever been. Someone shouts, “I’m fine! I’m not drunk! Lemme take the picture!”


Mmm, you’ve probably looked better. But that’s okay, it’s about the memory, right?


You were going to stop drinking, but then someone suggested another round for the BFFs and you were NOT going to turn that down. There’s a lot of toasting, cheers, and “TO US!” heard around the room. You’re probably a little insufferable to anyone around, but who cares. You’re together. That’s what matters.

10. “I’m doing this for your own good!”

A good friend will tell you to not text that one douchebag. But a best friend will physically remove the phone from your hand and refuse to give it back, no matter how much you beg and plead.

11. The Delivery Order

Food. The night is winding down and now you are all ravenous. Must acquire food. The greasier and fattier? The better. And maybe whoever delivers the pizza will be cute. In a perfect world, right?

12. Netflix And The Couch

You’ve made it back in one piece and are two seconds away from all passing out. You make sure everyone drank some water, and maybe even popped an Advil in preparation. You plug in a laptop and put on Friends. And let’s face it, you’ve got the best friends and Friends anyone could ever ask for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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