13 Songs For When You Start Crushing Hard On Someone

Oh, so you’ve got a crush? Maybe it’s the beginning stages of a relationship. Maybe you just really, really think that barista is cute and you fantasize about the life you could have together every time they call out your name. What? Totally normal. Totally okay. For those entering (or already residing in) Crushtown, USA, here are some songs to compliment all those butterflies you’ve got swarming your body.

1. “Solid As A Rock” – Ella Fitzgerald

Oh yes, we are getting OLD SCHOOL WITH IT. I’m a big Fitzgerald fan in general, but damn, when that crushing starts up I’m all into ultimate throwback jams like this. I call it swoon music. Your heart just kinda swoons and sighs, like a giddy schoolgirl. *heart-eyes emoji*

2. “Just In Time” – Dean Martin

Sticking with the older song theme, nothing gets me quite as fluttery as this song. The Frank Sinatra version is also wonderful, but there’s something about the way Dean Martin sings this that just has my heart swelling like crazy.

3. “You’ve Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger” – Beth Rowley

I heard this off the soundtrack to the fantastic (and my favorite) movie, An Education, and instantly fell in love. This is that daydream-about-slow-dancing-with-your-crush kind of vibe. Some lingering eye contact. OMG. I’m having FEELINGS right now.

4. “Anything Could Happen” – Ellie Goulding

Turn this all the way up, dance like a lovestruck teen, and feel like…drum roll please…ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

5. “I Wanna Know” – Joe

Ooooh, that 2000 slow jam, coming in strong. *tingles*

6. “Alone Together” – Daley, Marsha Ambrosius

Alone together. I repeat, alone together. What else could you want when you’re hardcore crushing?!

7. “Love You Crazy” – Mikky Ekko


Really enjoying what I’m hearing from Mikky Ekko lately. This song is perfect for when you go all Paramore on someone and crushcrushcrush.

8. “Sweet Pea” – Amos Lee

Getting more of a coffee house vibe going now, but goodness, Amos Lee is so incredible. You could play a majority of his songs and have crushy-crush (?? can we make that something people say?) feelings going on.

9. “You Are The Best Thing” – Ray LaMontagne

Ohhh, Ray. Never fails to give me the feels. Fun (read: bittersweet) fact? This song was the ringtone for when my high school boyfriend would call me. Awwwww

10. “I’d Rather Be With You” – Joshua Radin

Ooooh, Mr. Radin. YOU GLORIOUS MAN. Everything about this song is just so sweet. It’s beautiful. Truly.

11. “Better Man” – Paolo Nutini

“That girl makes me want to be a better man.” *cue Lizzie McGuire movie* Sing to me, Paolo!

12. “Lullaby” – Paradise Fears

I usually text my BFF, Johanna Mort, and ask if she’s sleeping alone and if I can be her lullaby. And she usually says, “Stop texting me.” Because love? But seriously, this song reminds me of my middle school crush, and that overwhelming optimistic feeling of “maybe when he asked to borrow my pencil he actually meant will you marry me?”

13. “Happy With Me” – HOLYCHILD

Just…be happy with me? C’mon! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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