15 Undeniable Signs Your Roommate Is Actually Your Soulmate


1. You experience massive separation anxiety

We all like some solo time, but more often than not, you find yourself seriously missing your roommate when they’ve been gone for a little bit. Like…obscenely miss them. Ready-to-curl-up-in-the-fetal-position-and-rock-yourself-to-sleep-until-they-return kind of missing them.

2. “Ughhh, I actually miss you already” is a common text message

When you are away from one another, you can guarantee your phone is FULLLLL of messages declaring your love and this PAIN IN YOUR DAMN HEART FROM MISSING THEM!! *baby come back*

3. Any significant other understands how important your roomie is

I mean, seriously, can anyone really understand you the same way someone who took care of your drunk, embarrassing ass that one Saturday night when you tried to start karaoke at a bar without a karaoke machine? Nahh, your romantic bae better understand they share you with someone else.

4. They’ve seen you at your grossest (and still love you)

Remember that week after your breakup when you stayed in bed and didn’t shower? I would love to say you were a hot mess, but I think just mess would cover it. Did they judge you? Nope. They brought you soup.

5. You forget your inside jokes are…just inside

You’ve made the mistake of trying to explain some HILARIOUS joke to someone other than your roommate, only to see their completely unamused face and realize, “God dammit, why aren’t you my roommate?!” Bonus points if you text each other references to a joke at random moments throughout the day.

6. You’ve discussed getting a pet together

Maybe you already do. But you’ve absolutely sat together on the couch and looked at photos of animals at local shelters and tried to rationalize adopting one together.
“Okay, soooo what about when we don’t live together one day?”

7. You’ve formulated a plan to live together forever

You’ll buy houses next to each other and construct a cool, secret underground tunnel that only you two know about that connects both houses. Totally normal. Totally doable.

8. Your best memories include them

HAAAA, god that was a fun night…oh yeah, roomie was there. Ooohh, what about that time…oh yeah, roomie was there too. They’re probably in a large percentage of your memories in general because you do EVERYTHING together.

9. Sleeping in the same bed is no big deal

Your apartment heater stop working? Not a problem. You’re pretty happy to snuggle up together.

10. You don’t need to do crunches

Because your abs legitimately hurt from laughing so hard together. Seriously, you’ve actually been sore.

11. You sound like an old married couple

When you do fight, it’s in that sort of adorable “I love you, but you’re bugging me right now” kind of way couples who’ve been together forever do.
“I thought you were gonna take out the trash?”

12. You have nicknames for each other

And they range from being really sweet like “angel pie” to stuff that would be pretty offensive if anyone else called you them.

13. “I hate everyone except you”

You’ve said this. Okay, yeah, you probably don’t actually hate everyone, but we have those moments when EVERYONE IS SO. GOD. DAMN. ANNOYING. But your roomie? They don’t count. Ever.

14. They know your coffee order by heart

Even your crazy specific requests, they remember and know all too well. You trust them 100% when getting drinks, food, basically anything, because you know they’ll do right by you.

15. They know you better than you know yourself

In all sincerity, this kind of person is a rare find, and you’re #blessed (sorry) to have them. Even when you lie to yourself, they know what’s really going on. More often than not, they provide you things you didn’t even realize you wanted, or needed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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