11 Reasons You Shouldn’t Worry If Your Penis Is Big Enough

40 Year Old Virgin
40 Year Old Virgin

You’re noticing it way more than anyone else

Have you ever had a pimple or some imperfection that you were just SURE everyone would stare at? I feel like it’s kind of the same thing. We are always way more aware of our insecurities than the people around us. Good chance while you’re nervous you aren’t packing large enough, your partner is focusing on something else.

Remember: motion of the ocean

Let’s say you are a penile Hercules, that Johnson is so large and in charge, it practically has a six-pack. Still doesn’t give you a reason to be cocky (HAHAH OMG, Ari. Stop). There’s a reason for the saying: it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean. Equipment size is really irrelevant if you know how to use it.

*Cheesy alert* You’re more than a body part

Yeah, yeah, duh. We are all more than body parts. But really, who cares if your penis is too small? Average? So big it could fight King Kong? It’s just a piece of you, and you’re the sum of allll those parts.

You have hands

Look at those bad boys right now. LOOK AT THEM! We’ve got opposable thumbs for productivity, and because..science? But you know what else fingers are great for? You already know. And I don’t think I’ve ever heard a girl say, “Yeah, I just really wish his index finger was a little longer.” (And if you don’t have hands, I’m sorry…)

You have a mouth

See above. You’ve got a lot of options here. I just want you to remember that.

Women (and men) all have different preferences

One of my girlfriends says she prefers guys with smaller penises because, for her body, it’s more pleasurable and comfortable. WE ALL LIKE DIFFERENT THINGS, SOMEONE IS OUT THERE FOR YOU!

Confidence and self-love are very attractive

It’s usually a tough line to draw between confident and cocky (lol again), but when someone is truly confident in their body (no matter what society dictates), it’s a huge turn on. Big boner. Lady boner. Man boner. All boners relevant.

Intimacy can be mental

Being intimate with someone could mean a myriad of things. Maybe you got naked and touched each other. Maybe you connected on a deeply spiritual and intellectual level. Maybe you touched each other and then talked about your childhood. It can really be whatever you decide, so your penis may or may not even play an important part in the night.

Your partner has doubts too

Not about your penis, about their own body. It’s unfortunate that we’re more comfortable being ashamed of our bodies than proud, but it’s a very real thing. I’ve got small breasts, and I would be lying if I said I’m not sometimes insecure about being with someone for the first time. For every moment you feel nervous, your partner has too. Promise.

Get over yourself

Nobody ever said, “It was love at first huge penis” (I don’t think??). There’s more to it. So stop stressing.

Great sex is great sex

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