10 Things That Happen When An Introvert And An Extrovert Become Best Friends


1. A fun weekend doesn’t mean the same thing

As a self-identifying introvert, I can tell you a weekend that is filled with quiet relaxation, maybe a comforting book or a nice one-on-one conversation, is the absolute best. The extrovert half of the BFF pair wants to go out, you know…in society. Extroverts feel best about weekends that include maximum socialization, and introverts prefer to keep it at an acceptable minimum.

2. Different things cause anxiety

For the introvert, major social activities cause a level of anxiety and discomfort. It’s not that they don’t enjoy meeting new people, it just takes more work to mentally prepare. However, the extrovert is filled with a sense of itchy restlessness when thinking about having to be alone for too long. Put an extrovert in a room by themselves, lock the door, and see them got NUTS (just kidding, don’t do that, you malicious freak).

3. They learn the art of compromising

Like any relationship, you learn how to effectively deal with your differences. Okay, so tonight we go to that new club you’ve been talking about for weeks, but tomorrow we watch four hours of Netflix with the blinds shut, deal? Deal.

4. They broaden your horizons

It’s important to have friendships like this one because when an extrovert and introvert are BFFs not only do they learn to meet in the middle sometimes, but they actually push one another to try new things they wouldn’t normally do. You learn to put yourself in the shoes of another and look at situations with a new perspective and fresh lenses. This is an invaluable thing to know how to do in life.

5. They respond differently to the words “pre-game”

Introvert: Can we just do it at my apartment? With just us…?

6. They also ask the question “Who will be there?” with different intentions

The extrovert asks it with a genuine smile, pumped at the thought of more friends/new friends/total strangers to BECOME new friends. They’re super jazzed at the whole thing. The introvert is hoping he/she already knows everybody and some of the anxiety will be lessened. So…like, who EXACTLY will be there?

7. They complete each other

The introvert is GREAT at listening. The extrovert is FANTASTIC at talking. So, they’re kind of the perfect fit. D’awwwww.

8. Planning is a whole ordeal

The extrovert likes to just see what happens. They’re pretty open and spontaneous with what could happen. Maybe they’ll make plans, or maybe they can just roll with the punches. The introvert craves structure and an exact schedule of what’s going to happen. They need to be prepared, and just “playing it by ear” is not something they love to hear.

9. When role reversal happens, it freaks everyone out

Every once in a blue moon, the introvert will say, “Hey…I feel like being CRAZY tonight. Let’s go!!!! Let’s live!!!!” And this will be the same night the extrovert wants to spend quality time inside with blankets and a bottle of wine. These nights are rare, but they do happen. And it kind of weirds everyone out.

10. They get frustrated with one another

Okay, we ALL get annoyed at the people we love from time to time. That’s just part of being an imperfect human being, sometimes you get pissed at other imperfect human beings. It can be aggravating to the extrovert that the introvert needs so much time to recharge. They occasionally get annoyed, wish their friend could always be game for new adventures in the same way they are. The introvert can feel upset with the pressure, and as a result, withdraw even more. This is going to happen at some point, and the two of you will feel like the other just doesn’t understand. And sometimes, they simply don’t. But when you genuinely love someone, you work through it and practice open communication. You will learn to cut each other some slack. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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