I Married A Man 16 Years Older Than Me And It’s The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

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I joke with people that my husband scooped me up and convinced me to marry him before I was old enough to know any better. Too bad it’s not a joke.

My husband is 16 years older than me, which right now doesn’t seem like much. But when I was 5, he was 21. That puts things into a pretty drastic, and somewhat, disturbing perspective.

Sure, there are times when I look at guys my own age and think, “Damn, what I wouldn’t do to him.” But then I look affectionately at my husband and think, “Damn, what he wouldn’t do for me.”

Older men are often selfless. They live by the belief that providing for their family is their sole responsibility. They embody this in everything they do. From mowing the grass and paying the mortgage to changing the oil in your car. But their selflessness doesn’t end there. They also aim to please in the bedroom. Lucky for us ladies. Not only do they possess an overwhelming desire to satisfy you, but with years of experience, they know their way around all your important parts. And may even help you discover ones you didn’t know you had.

Older men don’t play games. It may very well be because they’re too tired to play much of anything but you’ll find that older men don’t have time for any petty bullshit. They just want you to give it to them straight, deal with it, and move on. They’re usually too tired to fight or argue. They live by the adige “Happy wife, happy life”. Which works out pretty damn well if you’re the wife.

Most older men are established in their careers. This can be good and bad. When a man is “established” it’s sometimes code for “a stubborn ass who’s set in their ways”. Have you ever heard the phrase, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? There is definitely some truth to that. But don’t get discouraged. Older men are trainable. It just takes a little time and patience. Remember, they don’t particularly like to argue and your happiness is often their greatest reward.

Without being morbid, the fact remains that marrying an older man most likely means you’ll outlive him. This also means that if he has a pension, medical benefits, or life insurance, you’re in line to receive a nice chunk of change. And I don’t mean that in a gold digger kind of way. It all stems from an older man’s desire to provide for their family. You’ll find that they focus a lot of time and attention on making sure you and your children (if you have any) are taken care of long after they’re gone. That’s love.

Older men appreciate a woman for what she is – every last curve, crevice, and fold. They love natural women. No makeup, no problem. No muss, no fuss. Of course, they’ll also enjoy strutting you around town once in a while. After all, they have to show off their beautiful, young wife. But an older man knows how to make you feel beautiful. They take the time to stroke your face, brush the hair from your eyes, and linger for those few extra seconds when they hug you goodbye. You’re like the perfect secret treasure they still can’t believe they were lucky enough to find. And they hold on tightly, hoping every day that no one else discovers you.

That’s the only thing about older men. Sometimes their insecurities can get in the way. Sometimes their old school thinking can clash with your new age logic. But if your older man is anything like mine, you’ll never find someone as dedicated, hardworking, and devoted. It’ll be the greatest love you’ve ever had. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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