Here’s Which Taylor Swift Song You Are Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

If any one of you claim that you’ve never ever been able to relate to a single Taylor Swift song, at least once in your life, then I call bluff. Because this shit is golden.

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ENFJ – The Last Time (feat. Gary Lightbody)

Because everything boils down to dedication. You spare no effort in reassuring your significant other, and you demand the same reassurance in return. You don’t just want to be won over, you want to be persuaded – slowly but surely. Every little gesture goes a long way with you, because all you want is for someone to put your name at the top of their list.

ENFP – Treacherous

Because nothing safe is worth the drive. The probability of you getting your heart broken is directly proportional to the probability of you feeling something so real that it scares you. People only fear the things that could potentially be amazing. And you? You don’t plan on shying away from anything if there is even the slightest chance of it being amazing.

ENTJ – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Because no one does “I’m out of your league” better than you. And that’s not such a bad thing. You wouldn’t waste your time with someone who is unsure about their future, because then how can they be a part of yours? You hold yourself to high regards and in turn, your expectations in a relationship follow. And you would never want to have to settle for less. Like, ever…

ENTP – Bad Blood (sans Kendrick)

Because you’re having too much fun, aren’t you? You live with reckless abandon, not really worrying about who’s getting hurt. Band-aids don’t in fact fix bullet holes, but you acknowledge that collateral damage is inevitable. Because maybe if you just keep on pushing the boundaries – you’ll find the people that don’t have any.

ESFJ – I Know Places

Because in your eyes, love’s a fragile little flame and it could burn out. You’re protective and reliable – you take pride in that. You like knowing that you are what’s keeping your significant other feeling happy and safe. You’re more than just a couple, you’re a team. And you don’t typically enjoy letting your team down.

ESFP – Blank Space

Because the only thing longer than your list of ex-lovers (and almost lovers) is your list of potential future lovers. You love exploring all your options and fully experiencing every connection you make. You love discovering the different sides of yourself when you’re with different people. But most of all, you love the game.

ESTJ – Clean

Because you’re addictive. As f***. Which means you’ll need somebody who cares enough about making you happy, but never at the expense of their own happiness. Unlike the past 5 people you’ve dated, who you know would still take you back in a heartbeat if you only asked. Because hey – just because you’re clean, don’t mean you don’t miss it.

ESTP – Girl At Home

Because admit it: you like attention. You can’t help it, and it isn’t always a negative trait to want to be noticed. Keeping your options open is fun and exciting, but it could lead you to miss out on something that could have been substantial. Sometimes you get so lost chasing down the newest thing that you forget how valuable the people already in your life are.

INFJ – White Horse

Because your fear of getting hurt has made you cynical. Eventually, you forgive those who hurt you. But that doesn’t mean that the damage is undone because at the end of the day, you’ve become too aware that this ain’t a fairytale and not every story has a happy ending. So you’re convinced that yours won’t either.

INFP – Enchanted

Because you fall in love with moments. You let yourself get swept away by the sparkly-ness and the magic of it all, precisely because you want to believe in everything that is good in the world. And if there was ever a word that could accurately describe how you are when you fall in love with someone, it’s ‘wonderstruck’. And that word in itself already sounds make-believe.

INTJ – Style

Because to you, love has to be equal parts passionate and pragmatic. You strive in relationships that challenge you and keep you on your toes – yet are practical enough for you to feel secure. You’re often caught between going for the obvious, sensible option, or the option that bewilders and perplexes you. Perhaps, that’s why most of your love endeavours always either end in burning flames or paradise.

INTP – Shake It Off

Because the most important kind of love to you is self love. Although you have your own insecurities when it comes to relationships, you’ve developed the coping mechanism of shrugging everything off. Because heart-breakers gonna break, break, break and no problem is worth you compromising your own happiness for.

ISFJ – I Knew You Were Trouble

Because you always know. Everybody and their mother knows. And yet, you get yourself so deep into lopsided relationships every time. Perhaps, you should start listening to your gut instincts and stop hoping that every bad habit will correct itself. One of my favourite sayings goes: Never fall for someone’s potential. Shame on you, I suppose?

ISFP – Have you even heard of Taylor Swift?

Ah, emotions, what an alien concept. I kid. You’re just waiting for that one person who will come along and finally make you understand every single Taylor Swift song all at once, so until then… If only there was a T-Swizzle song about being indifferent or worry-free but alas, there are none.

ISTJ – The Way I Loved You

Because you keep going for whatever makes the most sense. You let logic overrule emotion every time because you’d much rather risk your head than your heart. But what you’re truly craving is for someone to make you fall for them without your permission, until you’re so in love that you act insane. So for the first time in your life, you won’t feel in complete control – and for the first time in your life, you’ll like it.

ISTP – New Romantics

Because whatever goes. You’re able to enjoy moments for exactly what they are – just moments. You probably receive a lot of criticism and judgement for your life and love life choices on a regular basis, but that doesn’t bother you so long as you’re having a good time. Because at the end of the day, no one is going to try bringing you down when you’re too busy dancing to get knocked off your feet.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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