The Type Of Person You Will Go For According To Your Myers-Brigg Personality Type


Who you usually go for: The non-committer. You go for the one who is just wrapping their head around the idea of bringing you over for Christmas dinner when you’re already thinking of baby names. Why? I don’t know. Maybe you just like feeling ten steps ahead emotionally in every relationship. Or maybe you care so much that it makes up for how little they care in return.

Who you should go for: The one who balances you out. The one who doesn’t make you feel like they need to catch up, but rather, that you should slow down. Someone who is not in a rush to fall in love, but will be beside you – not behind you – every step of the way.



Who you usually go for: No one. You don’t go for anyone. Not because you’re extremely lazy and laid-back (which you are), but because you genuinely aren’t interested. And even if you are, you’ll let these alien feelings simmer down until they eventually go away, so you can revert to your care-free self.

Who you should go for: The one who penetrates your little bubble. Someone who understands where your mind is at when it’s not with them, and won’t get mad at you for being “uninvolved” or “passive”.



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    Who (ENTP) usually go for: The innocent one. The nice one whose limits have yet to be tested, and whose ugly side has yet to be revealed.

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    CREEPY!!! (ENFP) Who you should go for: The laid-back one who goes with the flow, but refuses to fall victim to your game. The one who doesn’t wait around until you decide what you want, but shows you what you want instead. Someone who escapes predictability, but still provides you with reassurance.

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    HAHA. “Who you usually go for: No one, because everyone is going to hurt you. Even the ones you’re only mildly attached to, especially the ones you really really like. Once in a blue moon, you’ll meet someone who seems to have the potential to never screw you over. And you’ll put them on a pedestal until, eventually, they’ll let you down too.”

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    Who you usually go for: You don’t. They go for you. The persistent one who will follow you around until you finally give in. And if you’re being honest, your relationship is almost 100% them.

    Who you should go for: The one that actually makes you want to do something. The one that makes you decide that they are worth the effort and time and money. Someone that makes you get off your couch, or walk across the room to check your phone. Someone that makes you feel something substantial.

    I’m an INTP so I think this is kind of legit. Wow.

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    INFJ, and accurate! resonates with me exactly

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    Who you usually go for: The one who argues with you. Or does anything else that engages both your intellect and emotion at the same time. You enjoy analysing every tiny detail about people’s behaviour and what makes them tick. So surprise, surprise, you’re attracted to the one that you can’t figure out. The one whose behaviour you can’t quite analyse.

    Who you should go for: The one who seduces you. The one who is able to make you throw logic out the window, and just go with what you’re feeling. Someone who shows you that things don’t always have to “make sense” for them to make you happy.

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    I am a strong believer of this kind of personality tests so…. EVERYONE WHO IS READING THIS PLEASE GO AND DO THE 16 PERSONALITIES TEST HAHA
    ^ Pretty accurate for me and alot of people so I guess it is worth a try :)

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    Spot on. Nothing explains it better than this (for mine which is INFJ, Idk if the rest are as true).

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